Making Custom Enamel Pins in the UK

Custom enamel pins can be a great promotional product for marketing your brand. A good enamel pin should be of high quality and low cost to manufacture. The pins also need to feature your brand’s colors and logo.

When choosing the best promotional product for your brand, there are a few things you need to consider. First is how much it will cost to produce the product. Second, you must ensure that the product is of premium quality and long-lasting.

This guide will focus on making custom enamel pins in the UK. We will also include tips when looking for a pin manufacturer in your area including how to make great enamel pins for your business.

Making Custom Enamel Pins in the UK

Making custom enamel pins in the UK or worldwide should start with your marketing or business plan. What are you planning to use the custom enamel pins for? The marketing plan will help you design and brand the custom enamel pins.

You can hire a designer to help you create the first designs before heading into production. Besides that, you can also look around for manufacturers with a team of in-house designers who can help you develop the designs and prototypes.

Step two is choosing the right base material for creating your pins. You can use metal or wood to create the base of your enamel pins. Most clients use the base material’s thickness to measure the pins’ quality. The enamel quality will also be a significant factor.

Ensure that the enamel does not show creases or imperfections on the base material. You can also consult an expert on the differences between soft and hard enamel surfaces. Also, ensure that the pins are of the right size, not too big or small. Rocket Badge custom enamel pins in the UK are up to international standards regarding design and quality.

Choosing an Enamel Pin Manufacturer

The type of manufacturer you work with will play a significant role in the quality of your custom enamel pins. It would help if you considered a couple of factors when skimming through the available options in your city or state.

As mentioned before, you need to go for a company that has a team of in-house designers. They will help you develop designs or fine-tune your original design. You will also save quite a lot as you don’t need to hire a professional designer.

Next, you should review the contract terms. Does the contract have a clause that protects you if the company doesn’t deliver as agreed? It would be best to consider these things when looking for a manufacturing company.

Also, ensure that the company provides prototypes for you and your team to sample before heading into mass production. Read reviews from other partners as this will give you an insight into how the company works and what you should expect.

Wrapping Up

Custom enamel pins are a great way of promoting your brand and products. They are cheap, and most people, especially those who like collecting antiques, will like custom-branded enamel pins or badges.