The soul of life plays “tar” introducing and an overlook to the new and meaningful artwork of Yalda Dousti, an outstanding and talented Iranian artist.

Artists frequently seek to discover a novel path of awareness doors or find pure ways of feeling alive.

They have always had an excellent desire to show beauty of the world from their exceptional perspective to others and accompany them with their internal feeling and perception of the world.

This can sometimes be implemented through a painting, poem, writing, artwork or music, and each of them can engage the viewer’s five senses to some extent and take them to an unknown journey in the artist’s mind.

But not many people can afford to do this.

The fact that you can stare at a painting for hours and get a new and amazing impression of it every time, or listen to a piece of music differently every time; simply the impact turning point of an artwork is where sometimes a painting can include not only your visual senses but also your other senses.

This is the exact phenomenon that Yalda Dousti has shown in her latest work.

The Yalda’s tableau is mounted on a frame measuring 450 cm x 150 cm using coils of yarn, and more than 9,000 rows in 26,000 meters of yarn are used in 100 different colors.

Literally, it was difficult for Yalda Dousti to complete such artwork, she failed various times on the path.

Since no one in the world had ever done something like this except Yalda Dousti, she had no role model to perform this work and even at one stage she had to make an iron machine device to put the coils into it by the help of his brother.

Finally, the artwork was completed after about nine months with all its difficulty.

The name of this artwork “Tar”, by Yalda Dousti, is derived from a traditional Iranian musical instrument which has the same name and spelling.

One of her reasons for choosing this name can be the similarity between the row after row of yarn coils and the placement of “tar” and “setar” wires.

Nevertheless, the hidden feeling behind this beautiful artwork makes the viewers more ecstatic than anything else.

Hence, by a more profound look at Yalda Dousti’s artwork, you will realize that this is one of that same work which not only overwhelms you with its happy, dynamic and meaningful colors, but also the sound of music behind the strings used in this painting will reach to your ears.

This is a sound from the spirit of life, which has also inspired Yalda to make this artwork that is so musical in its silence.

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