What to Know About Hiring a White Label PPC Agency

It goes without saying that a pay-per-click (PPC) agency can achieve far better results than an in-house marketing team. In addition to recognizing their lack of time and resources to do in-house marketing, this is why most reputable businesses choose to outsource their digital marketing needs.

But how can you know if a PPC agency is reputable?

In this article, we take a look at some things you should know before you hire a PPC agency and questions that you should ask to choose the right one.

5 Things to Know About Hiring a White Label PPC Agency

It’s true, digital advertising is hugely powerful but you need to properly research a PPC agency and take time to ensure they can meet your expectations. Pranjal Bora with Digital Authority Partners suggests compiling a series of questions and then comparing the answers from each agency.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important considerations.

1. The PPC Campaign Process Should Be Clear

PPC agencies are a dime a dozen but only a select few can be trusted to get the job done. A good way to determine if an agency can is to ask questions and request the agency explain what the campaign will look like exactly. Some sample questions are:

  • What kind of research will they perform?
  • What keyword strategy will they employ?
  • Which platforms will they focus upon?
  • How will they ensure the budget is used properly?

You can tell a lot from their responses, because an experienced marketing agency will know how to explain the answers to these question without using marketing verbiage and making sure all is clear. Their explanation should include sufficient detail and leave you feeling clear and assured of the path ahead.

These are just a few examples but if an agency can’t explain how to get your brand noticed, it’s best to move onto an agency that can.

2. Some PPC Agencies Include Hidden Fees etc.

The truth is, some white label PPC agencies like to excite from potential clients interest by quoting a low fee with the clear intention of adding on costs soon after. 

You obviously don’t want this to happen, so make sure to pay close attention to the fees. Request they outline the full amount and any additional costs that could potentially arise in the near and long term. There should be no reason to hide these costs, and it’s best to get the negotiations out of the way as early as possible.

You might also want to ask if this PPC agency outsources any of the work. Some agencies work with freelancer designers and copywriters, which is fine, but the last thing you want is an agency that doesn’t do any of the work at all.

Luckily, most agencies know when they should or should not outsource.

3. Reviews and Experience Tell the Story

You can tell a lot about any business by their reviews, and the same is true for a PPC agency. It’s always worth checking these testimonials and making sure previous clients have good things to say about them and hopefully, nothing too bad!

Businesses should take time to ask about existing clients and be offered a view of the caliber of their current portfolio of clients. Most agencies are happy to disclose such information because this will enable the agency to boast about high profile clients!

Experience is also incredibly important, and an agency is only as good as the members that form their  team. Ask about these members and try to assess what skills and experience are present before hiring a white label PPC agency. 

4. Not Every PPC Agency Will Suit Your Business 

Some agencies are just not suited to certain businesses. If you want a hands-on team that keep in touch on a regular basis, you will need to know if this is how they operate. Businesses should also want to work with agencies that have a similar outlook and culture as this is often the glue that strengthens a working relationship. 

It’s important to dig deep and try to find out as much as possible about the people in the agency. These are the people with whom you will be communicating, and ideally they are people who will have a similar sense of belief and vision. 

Unfortunately, not all agencies are created equal and you can discern a lot about these companies by meeting and speaking with more than one member of the team.

5. Reporting Matters More than You Think

Reporting is the only way a business can really know if a PPC campaign is making progress. Sure, you can spot a rise in traffic, but this should be expected with PPC and doesn’t confirm if a campaign is achieving its targets.

Reputable agencies spend a lot of time tracking metrics and progress. This data is compiled for the purpose of reporting, which relays the actual results of a campaign to the client. Without regular reporting (usually monthly), you will have no peace of mind and certainly no way of knowing if things are on track.

What’s the moral of the story? Only work with PPC agencies that provides monthly reporting. As with growing a business with SEO, you need to ensure a PPC campaign is on track.

Final Thoughts

Working with a PPC agency is sure to boost traffic, sales, and leads. While reassurance is important, it’s necessary to see progress, results, and a return on investment which aligns with expectations on both sides. However, you need to thoroughly research PPC agencies, their campaign results for other clients, and their industry reputation, before choosing an agency. This is the only way you can go about finding a partner that truly cares about the success of your digital marketing strategy.

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