Sebastian Beja: Why Mindset is Everything

What makes you stand out from others in their field?

Being able to simplify really complex things into simple easy to understand concepts, plus being able to communicate them effectively.

For example, I’ve taken all of what I’ve learned and experienced from growing the companies that I’ve worked with and distilled it into 2 main factors that go hand-in-hand. First, the inner mental processes required and second the outer-technical skills needed.

I believe that bringing together in a structured step-by-step process these two parts is what we have done successfully and the main reason why our products are transforming our clients positively.

What keeps you working hard?

Two words: Potential and possibility

It drives to my core that there is no limit and knowing that makes me motivates me to expand to the unknown.

Second, seeing our mission come to fruition of how will this world look like if we are capable to Eradicate Poverty From the Minds of 1 Million people around the globe.

What obstacles did you have to overcome in getting to where you are today?

Focusing on my Mindset. I needed to change how I thought about money and how I thought about my work.

The biggest shift was when I stopped focusing on making more money and started focusing on what I could do to help others.

It was amazing how much more passionate and excited I was to do my work when I really felt it was having a positive impact on the world.

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