Thoughtful and Personalized Sympathy Gift Ideas

Putting Some Strategy in What You Give
They say it’s “the thought that counts” because anyone can just run into a Walmart, buy something, wrap it, and give it as a gift. If you don’t think about what you give somebody, it has less of an impact. In fact, such gifts can be insulting if it’s evident you put no thought into them. Don’t buy your wife a hunk of beef for Christmas.

Well, not unless that’s specifically what she asked for and there’s some sort of significance to the gift. The point is, you want to give them things that are thoughtful, and that show you are truly sympathetic. This is especially true for sympathy gifts over all others, so that’s what we’re going to focus on here.

  1. Gifts Can Be Events, or Games, Instead of Physical
    Someone who is really feeling sad could be sick, injured, bereaved, or any number of things. They’re not always in a situation where they can’t go anywhere. If you’ve got someone who is down in the dumps for one reason or another, you can do something with them. Maybe take them to a concert, or out on the town. Maybe put together a scavenger hunt with clues.
  2. Getting Creative With Grieving Gifts
    If you lose someone, and a friend gives you a hand-painted mural of that person, wouldn’t that affect you? It may make you cry, it may make you smile, and it may make you do both. You can make someone feel the same. Maybe you’re not a painter, so you put together a quilt. Maybe you can’t sow, so you sculpt something. Maybe you can’t sculpt, so you write a song.

Here are a few additional inspirations to help you find the perfect thoughtful gift for grieving. What’s important is commemorating the person and communicating your sympathy without making it all about “you”, and that’s the hard part.

You want to give them something real, and something that’s emotional, and something that’s unique; but not something that aggrandizes yourself. The value is in the fact that you put your time and energy in the gift, not that it’s you specifically who gave it. Certainly, that’s an aspect of its value, but if your purpose is to look good, that’s not going to work.

  1. Putting You in What You Do
    Be sure to lean into what is unique about you, though. If you’re a singer or a songwriter, maybe you don’t write them a song or sing them one, but perhaps you get some music that you know raises the little hairs on the back of your arm in terms of its affecting nature. Maybe you put a playlist together of all the songs that have made you “feel”, and help encourage joy.

Something They’ll Love, but Won’t Expect
Put yourself in what you do, but not in a way that is self-serving. Just lend your unique flair to the gift. When you create something, create it as you would like it to be made for you in the same situation. Don’t rule out giving gifts that are “events” as well. Somebody down in the dumps may need to get out on the town for a bit. Hopefully, these tips give you some inspiration.