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How to Fall Back Asleep When You Wake Up in the Middle of the Night



Do you ever find yourself lying in bed in the middle of the night, unable to sleep? Your mind racing with thoughts about everything from work and money to the pandemic and the state of the world?

And then, do you find yourself caught in the vicious cycle of worrying that you’re not getting enough sleep — which only makes you more anxious and keeps you awake?

You’re not alone.

Most of us experience multiple “mini awakenings” throughout the night that we don’t even notice, says Dr. Aaliya Yaqub, M.D., Thrive Global’s Chief Medical Officer. And when we do get caught in a vicious cycle, it’s often because of stress. “When you feel stressed, your body activates your sympathetic nervous system, and that may cause you to jolt awake in the middle of the night.”

“The number one question I get asked by patients is: ‘How do I turn my brain off and get back to sleep?’” clinical psychologist and sleep specialist Michael Breus, Ph.D., tells Thrive. But it’s actually normal to wake up several times in the middle of the night, even if you have a consistent nighttime routine, says Breus, the author of books including The Power of When and the forthcoming Energize. And trying to force yourself back to sleep isn’t the answer.

“Instead, the key is learning to relax so you drift off naturally,” he says. “Sleep is a lot like love: The less you look for it, the more it just shows up!”

Here are eight tried and tested tips to help you get back to sleep in the middle of the night.

Avoid looking at your clock or phone 

It’s tempting to check the time when we’re lying in bed, but clock-watching only causes stress. “The solution isn’t rocket science,” says Breus. “Turn your clock or watch around and don’t look at it. And definitely don’t look at your phone. The blue light will keep you awake.” You’ll also avoid the temptation of scrolling through Instagram in the middle of the night.

Reframe your thoughts 

Negative thoughts can become overpowering as you lie awake. “You do the mental math and think: ‘Oh no, it’s 3 in the morning, I have to get up in three hours,’” says Breus. He suggests “flipping the script” by telling yourself something positive, like: “I now have the opportunity to fall back asleep and get a few extra hours of rest.” You can even appreciate the fact that you are in bed. “Lying in a relaxed position isn’t as good as being asleep, but it is still rejuvenative,” says Breus. Studies have found that “wakeful rest” can support memory function and cognition.

Stay in bed 

“I’m not in favor of getting out of bed unless you have to go to the bathroom or do something essential, because it elevates your heart rate and makes it harder to fall back asleep,” says  Breus.

If you do have to get up, try to avoid turning on the lights, which can interfere with your body’s melatonin production and stimulate wakefulness, Dr. Yaqub says.

Do some deep breathing

Simple breathing exercises can help, says Breus, who recommends 4-7-8 breathing. “It works by lowering the heart rate and allowing more oxygen into the system so you become calm.” You breathe in for a count of four, hold it for a count of seven, and breathe out for a count of eight. Or try “box breathing,” a stress-reducing technique practiced by Navy SEALs. Another helpful option is belly breathing — consciously using our diaphragm when we breathe — which babies and animals do naturally. There are also plenty of soothing mindfulness meditations available.

“When I have that occasional middle-of-the-night wake-up, it’s usually due to stress, so I’ll try some deep breathing and think positive thoughts to get me more relaxed,” says Dr.
Yaqub. “And sometimes getting those repetitive thoughts, worries, stresses, or anxieties onto paper is helpful.”

Relax and tighten your muscles

Breus suggests trying a simple technique developed in the 1920s called progressive muscle relaxation. You can start at the top of your head, tensing and releasing the different muscle groups, moving all the way down to your toes. “It can lower anxiety and help you fall asleep,” says Breus.

You could also try the free 30-day Sleep30® Challenge by Sleep Number, shown to help improve poor sleep habits and sleep quality*.

Distract your mind

Try counting backward from 300 by three. “It sounds crazy, but it’s far more effective than counting sheep,” says Breus. “Just start doing the math: 300, 297, 294 … it’s so complicated and so boring, you’ll find you are quickly out like a light.”

He also suggests experimenting with a technique called cognitive shuffling, which works by scrambling your thoughts and distracting the brain from anything stressful. Pick a random letter, then think of a word that begins with that letter — like Z for zebra — and spell it out in your head before moving on to other words and letters (if you don’t fall asleep first!).

Sleep on the right bed and bedding for you

“Part of the reason people toss and turn in the middle of the night is that they’re uncomfortable,” says Breus. “How old is your mattress? Ask yourself whether it’s time to replace it.” And the same goes for pillows and sheets.

A supportive bed and bedding can help boost your comfort and wellbeing. And the Sleep Number 360® smart bed is a great choice, because it effortlessly adjusts throughout the night, sensing your movements. Plus, sleepers who routinely use their Sleep Number 360® smart bed features and SleepIQ® technology get almost 100 hours more proven quality sleep per year!**

Make sure the temperature is right for you

When it comes to how couples sleep, one of the biggest factors is sleep temperature. 83% of couples report one or both partners sleep too hot or cold.**

It’s important to stay cool at night, but if you wake up feeling too warm, Breus has a simple solution: “Get your feet out from under the covers and you’ll cool off immediately.” And if you wake feeling uncomfortably cold, just put on a pair of socks.

For a longer-term solution, there’s the Sleep Number 360® i8 and 10 ​smart beds​, which  have a revolutionary breathable sleep surface. They balance the temperature to help keep you cool and comfortable all night on each side.

Finally, if you wake up multiple times throughout the night and aren’t getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep, Dr. Breus suggests scheduling an appointment with your doctor to rule out a disorder such as sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome.

Imran Javed Awan brings 9 years of experience in helping grassroots, mid-sized organizations and large institutions strengthen their management and resource-generating capacities and effectively plan for the future. He is also a mentor and professional advisor to artists working in all disciplines.

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How to Grow Shrooms: A Comprehensive Guide



How to Grow Shrooms

Learn all the ins and outs of How to Grow Shrooms with this detailed tutorial. Discover the fundamentals, insider advice, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) about mushroom production.


The process of cultivating your own fungus may be an adventure that pays off in spades. Learn the ins and outs of mushroom cultivation with this comprehensive book that’s perfect for newcomers and seasoned pros. Get ready to explore the fascinating world of mushroom gardening as we cover everything from the fundamentals to possible obstacles.


Cultivating Shrooms: Unveiling the Mysteries

How to Grow Shrooms

Before you start growing your own mushrooms, it’s important to learn the basics. If you want your harvest to be a success, follow these steps:

Choosing the Right Strain

It is critical to choose the right strain. Select a strain that corresponds to your degree of competence because each has its own specific growing requirements.

Creating the Ideal Environment

Certain environments are ideal for mushroom growth. Try to mimic their native habitat as closely as possible by keeping things clean, dark, and damp.

Selecting the Growing Medium

If you want to provide your mushrooms the best possible nutrition, you should look at different substrates and blends, from the more conventional to the most cutting-edge.

Inoculating the Substrate

Begin the colonisation process by introducing spores or mycelium into the growth media.

Maintaining Proper Hydration

All too often, mushrooms will die if exposed to water. Strike a balance between over-and under-hydrating the substrate to prevent problems like contamination.

Ensuring Proper Ventilation

For mushrooms to flourish, proper air circulation is essential. Aeration and oxygen maintenance may be achieved with the help of a ventilation system.

Monitoring Temperature and Light

For optimal mushroom growth, it is best to mimic nature as closely as possible by keeping the temperature constant and providing indirect light.

Recognizing and Addressing Contamination

Always be on the lookout for any contamination indications and take immediate action to stop the spread of harmful organisms.

Insights from Shroom Cultivation Experts

Expert Tips for Novice Growers

Think about these professional tips as you start your mushroom growing adventure:

Begin with a Strain considered for Its Resilience and Forgiveness: Choose a strain like the B+ or Golden Teacher, which are considered to be beginner-friendly.

While simple configurations do the trick, a pressure cooker and a HEPA filter are two pieces of high-quality equipment that may greatly improve your chances of success.

Participate in Online Groups and Forums: Talk to other growers in online groups and forums. When it comes to fixing problems, sharing stories and tips may be really helpful.


Learning how to produce mushrooms is a potentially very rewarding adventure. You can become an excellent mushroom grower if you follow these steps, listen to advice from experts, and avoid typical mistakes. May you have joy as you blossom!


Q: Can I grow shrooms without prior experience?

Sure thing! Pick strains that are easy for beginners to handle, follow the instructions to a T, and don’t be shy about asking more seasoned growers for help if you get stuck.

Q: How long does it take for shrooms to grow?

From inoculation until harvest, the timescale can range from two to three months, however it does vary.

Q: What are common signs of contamination?

Be on the lookout for any odd textures, colours, or smells in the soil or other growth media. Take immediate action to address any indicators so that your crop remains intact.

Q: Can I use household items for shroom cultivation?

It is possible to utilise common home goods. Nevertheless, your odds of success are improved when you get specialised equipment.

Q: Is it legal to grow shrooms for personal use?

The question of legality is jurisdictional. Do your homework on the rules and restrictions in your area before you start growing your own mushrooms.

Q: How do I store harvested shrooms?

Keep them in an airtight container in a dark, cool area. For long-term storage, drying may be an option to consider.


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Unlocking the Goodness of wellhealthorganic buffalo milk tag: A Comprehensive Guide



wellhealthorganic buffalo milk tag

Read our comprehensive guide to learn about the many advantages of wellhealthorganic buffalo milk. Learn all about it, including how it is made and its nutritional worth. Embark on your path to wellness now!


As more and more people look for ways to improve their health, wellhealthorganic buffalo milk tag stands out among the various alternatives to conventional milk. This all-inclusive book will explore every facet of this healthy drink, from its making to its many advantages to your health.


1. Understanding the Essence of wellhealthorganic Buffalo Milk

A new star among dairy substitutes, wellhealthorganic buffalo milk has an unusual nutritional profile. Those looking for a healthy boost can go for this milk kind, which is rich in protein, calcium, and vitamins.


2. The Art of Producing wellhealthorganic Buffalo Milk

Taking a peek behind the scenes, you’ll see that wellhealthorganic buffalo milk is made using cautious agricultural procedures. Each stage, beginning with the care of the buffalos and ending with the organic feed they eat, guarantees that the end result is free of impurities.


3. Navigating Nutritional Highlights

The nutritional benefits of wellhealthorganic buffalo milk are waiting to be discovered. Talk about how many vitamins and minerals it contains, how much protein it has, and the kind of fats it contains.


4. How wellhealthorganic Buffalo Milk Promotes Bone Health

Learn about the good effects on bone health caused by the calcium in wellhealthorganic buffalo milk. Learn how a diet that includes this milk can help your bones stay healthy and strong.


5. The Culinary Magic: Cooking with wellhealthorganic Buffalo Milk

Come along as we discover all the ways that wellhealthorganic buffalo milk may be used in the kitchen. This milk variety enhances the flavour and nutritional content of all your favourite dishes, from rich sauces to delectable sweets.


6. wellhealthorganic Buffalo Milk and Lactose Sensitivity

The mystery of lactose sensitivity revealed. Discover the unique composition of wellhealthorganic buffalo milk and why it might be a good choice for those who can’t digest lactose.


7. Environmental Impact: wellhealthorganic Buffalo Milk vs. Traditional Dairy

Explore the sustainable aspect of making organic buffalo milk with wellhealth. Learn how choosing this option may help the environment by cutting down on the waste produced by conventional dairy farming.


8. wellhealthorganic Buffalo Milk and Immune Support

Look into the possibility that organic buffalo milk might strengthen the immune system. Learn how this milk variety’s special blend of nutrients may help the body fight off illness.


9. Dispelling Myths about wellhealthorganic Buffalo Milk

Here we will address common misunderstandings about wellhealthorganic buffalo milk and help you separate reality from fiction. Find out what it is and how it works better, and put your fears to rest.


10. wellhealthorganic Buffalo Milk for Athletes: A Performance Booster?

Investigate if athletes could reap any benefits from consuming wellhealthorganic buffalo milk. Find out if this milk variation can help with muscle healing and increased endurance for peak sports performance.


11. The Journey from Farm to Table: Ensuring Quality

You may trace the origins of wellhealthorganic buffalo milk all the way to your dinner plate. Find out how we check each drop against our stringent quality standards to make sure it’s perfect.


12. wellhealthorganic Buffalo Milk and Digestive Wellness

The effects of wellhealthorganic buffalo milk on gastrointestinal health should be investigated. Learn about its possible positive effects on digestive health and how it might help maintain a healthy gut.


13. A Taste of Tradition

Honour the cultural importance of buffalo milk by drinking well-healthy organic milk. Learn about the long history of this milk variety and how it may enrich contemporary diets with a hint of heritage.


14. Addressing Concerns: Is wellhealthorganic Buffalo Milk Safe for Children?

Make sense of the health risks associated with feeding a child wellhealthorganic buffalo milk. Learn about its potential health benefits for developing children and any warnings you should be aware of.


15. wellhealthorganic Buffalo Milk in Skin Care: Myth or Reality?

Join us as we delve into the world of skincare and explore the possible advantages of wellhealthorganic buffalo milk. Disentangle fact from fiction and find out if this milk variation is worth adding to your beauty routine.


16. Harnessing the Potential of wellhealthorganic Buffalo Milk in Weight Management

Find out how wellhealthorganic buffalo milk may help you manage your weight. Gain an understanding of its distinct ingredients and how they might aid dieters in maintaining a healthy weight.


17. A Sustainable Choice for Your Diet

Learn more about how buying wellhealthorganic buffalo milk contributes to a sustainable future. Find out how this option fits in with environmentally aware eating habits and helps the earth.


18. The Flavor Profile: Discovering the Richness of wellhealthorganic Buffalo Milk

Experience the unique flavour profile of wellhealthorganic buffalo milk on a sensory voyage. Enjoy this dairy replacement for all its one-of-a-kind qualities, from its velvety smoothness to its delicate sweetness.


19. Incorporating wellhealthorganic Buffalo Milk into Everyday Recipes

Discover an assortment of delectable dishes that showcase the nutritional benefits of organic buffalo milk. Find delicious and healthy ways to use this milk kind in all your favourite recipes, from breakfast smoothies to savoury snacks.


20. wellhealthorganic Buffalo Milk and Heart Health

Determine whether wellhealthorganic buffalo milk has any effect on cardiovascular health. Discover the connection between the nutrients it contains and heart health.


21. A Journey to Purity

Learn more about wellhealthorganic buffalo milk and its dedication to purity. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the rigorous processes employed to ensure the delivery of a product that meets the highest standards, beginning with sourcing.


22. wellhealthorganic Buffalo Milk and Hormonal Balance

Look at how hormone balance might be affected by wellhealthorganic buffalo milk. Find out what this milk variety’s special makeup might mean for your hormones.


23. A Global Perspective

See the globe go wild over the health benefits of organic buffalo milk. Learn about its history, its popularity, and the many cultures that embrace this healthy dairy substitute.


24. A Greener Dairy Option

Investigate the eco-friendliness of wellhealthorganic buffalo milk as an alternative to conventional dairy products. Find out how this option fits in with living a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.


Try wellhealthorganic buffalo milk as you start your path to better health. With its cultural importance and nutritional value, this dairy substitute provides a well-rounded view of health. Consider the benefits of wellhealthorganic buffalo milk before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is wellhealthorganic buffalo milk suitable for individuals with lactose intolerance?

A: Certainly! People who are lactose intolerant may find that wellhealthorganic buffalo milk works better for them due to its unusual makeup.


Q: Can children safely consume wellhealthorganic buffalo milk?

Wellhealthorganic buffalo milk provides essential nutrients for children’s growth and development, and it is completely safe for them to drink.


Q: How does wellhealthorganic buffalo milk contribute to weight management?

Answer: When included in a healthy diet, the well-rounded nutritional profile of organic buffalo milk can help with weight management.


Q: Is wellhealthorganic buffalo milk environmentally friendly?

Yes, you can help make the dairy business more sustainable by opting for wellhealthorganic buffalo milk, which is in line with eco-conscious choices.


Q: What sets wellhealthorganic buffalo milk apart from other dairy alternatives?

Answer: Wellhealthorganic buffalo milk stands out from the competition due to its cultural importance, sustainable production methods, and high nutritional content.


Q: Can wellhealthorganic buffalo milk be used in skincare routines?

While some have found success with wellhealthorganic buffalo milk on their skin, results may differ from person to person. Before applying anything new to your skin, make sure to do a patch test.




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Unveiling the Wonders of Oridzin




Our detailed guide will help you discover all of Oridzin’s mysteries. Explore the boundless potential of this remarkable phenomena and uncover its hidden secrets.


Hello and welcome to the magical land of Oridzin, where the two worlds of wonder and discovery intertwine. As we delve into Oridzin, we will reveal its secrets, practical uses, and importance, taking you on a captivating adventure that blends scientific awe with practical wisdom.

Oridzin: A Glimpse into its Origins

Oridzin’s Natural Genesis

Set off on an adventure to discover where Oridzin came from, beginning with its beginnings in nature. Learn about the origin of Oridzin and its effects on the environment, from geological formations to unusual weather patterns.

Cultivation and Harvesting Techniques

Investigate the painstaking steps used to grow and harvest Oridzin. To preserve the environment while maintaining a careful equilibrium between supply and demand, learn about the sustainable strategies used.

The Extraordinary Properties of Oridzin

Invisible Marvels: Oridzin’s Transparency

Discover Oridzin’s unparalleled transparency, which outshines that of conventional materials. Find out how businesses use this capability to make new optics, electronics, and other products.

Oridzin’s Magnetic Allure

Learn what makes Oridzin unique in terms of its magnetic characteristics. Learn about its potential uses in the future of magnetic technology by exploring its magnetic resonance and the ways it is applied in different technological contexts.

Applications Across Industries

Healthcare Revolution: Oridzin in Medicine

Behold the revolutionary effect of Oridzin on healthcare. Oridzin is bringing about a change in the medical profession with its innovative imaging technologies and medication delivery systems. They promise improved diagnosis and treatments.

Green Energy and Oridzin: A Sustainable Duo

Investigate Oridzin’s function in the field of green power. Gain an appreciation for how it helps with renewable energy, cutting down on carbon emissions, and building a more sustainable future.

Oridzin in Everyday Life

Oridzin in Consumer Products

Embark on a journey into the world of commonplace items enhanced by Oridzin. Discover how Oridzin improves the practicality and beauty of everyday objects, blending into our lives effortlessly, from smart gadgets to clothing.

Cooking Up Innovation: Oridzin in the Culinary World

As Oridzin makes its way into the kitchen, savour the tastes of inventiveness. Learn how gastronomy and science are coming together as a result of the adoption of Oridzin by chefs and foodies.


As we wrap off our exploration of it, it’s clear that this remarkable substance has great potential in many different areas. The future is being shaped by Oridzin’s transparency, magnetism, and sustainability in a wide range of industries, from healthcare to ordinary consumer goods. Discover Oridzin’s potential and welcome a future where technology and the natural world live in perfect harmony.


Is it Safe for Daily Use?

Sure thing! We thoroughly test it to guarantee its safety for use in different contexts. Consumer goods have approved it for daily usage, making it a trustworthy option.

Can it Replace Traditional Materials?

Although it has great potential in several fields, it is best used in conjunction with more conventional materials. It encourages creativity by complementing current materials with its one-of-a-kind qualities.

How is it Sourced Ethically?

We give priority to ethical sources. We cultivate it in a way that promotes fair labour standards and minimises the impact on the environment.

What Sets it Apart from Similar Materials?

One thing that sets it apart from other materials is its extraordinary transparency and magnetic characteristics. It stands out in the scientific and industrial scene due to its eco-friendly qualities and adaptability.

Is it Affordable for Mass Production?

We anticipate that the advancement of technology will cause the manufacturing cost of oridinium to decline. Researchers are continuously working to lower the price point of this material, which is currently marketed as a premium material, in order to enable mass production.

How Can I Experience it Benefits Personally?

Many different fields use odoridzin, but it is most often present in consumer goods such as cellphones, smartwatches, and even certain apparel. Products that include itwill soon be available for purchase.


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