Trends in web development

Web development , Web design and digital marketing are always changing, new trends emerge around them every year. And we must know how to adapt to them and always keep in mind that the Internet is a world in constant change. And we can’t stay behind.

For this reason, being up-to-date is something that should enter into our day-to-day life, as well as seeing what is moving at all times in our sector.

The trends in Web development that appear or that can consolidate you throughout this and the new year.

front-end development

Nothing indicates that the trend of using Javascript frameworks will change. Angular and React are the most used, but for years we have been waiting for the consolidation of the standard platform for component-based development. It seems that companies and professionals are still reluctant to adopt the Web Components standard , but the truth is that 10% of sites already use it to a greater or lesser extent. This trend will continue to rise.

As far as CSS is concerned, a new wave of CSS frameworks that have an atomic approach are about to consolidate and that are going to do a lot of competition to more traditional systems such as Bootstrap, which present a component-based approach. An example is undoubtedly Tailwind CSS, which has been very well received by the community and for which we will see gain more and more users during the rest of 2021.

back-end development

Within the Backend Development Trends, we expect WordPress to continue to be the option of choice for a very high percentage of sites. But a direct competitor has come out in its segment. It is not a CMS in particular but a development stream based on static sites that allow the development of websites that do not require databases or server-side programming, which increases security and performance.

When it comes to frameworks, Laravel continues to be preferred by the community and its rapid growth in functionalities and features, added to the stupendous progression in performance and solidity of the PHP language, make us hope that its use will continue to increase.

A strong competitor with Deno has also appeared on the NodeJS platform . We believe that there is still a long way to go before its ecosystem of packages overshadows Node, but we will have to see how the server-side Javascript community accepts this alternative that, from the outset, has many advantages.

Hybrid or cross-platform development

The development of native applications continues to be the best option for developments that require squeezing the capabilities of the devices. However, at present it is possible to create apps with excellent performance on web technologies or with cross-platform frameworks such as React Native, Native Script or Flutter. Since they are an excellent option for the pocket of most companies, we expect their progression to continue to grow and be confirmed as one of the development trends for 2021.

Consolidation of the most innovative Web development trends

AI: Artificial Intelligence will continue to expand in 2022, with the computing capacity of the Cloud and the development of platforms designed for machine learning . It is a trend that is already presenting itself in 2021.

IoT: It is impossible to ignore the Internet of Things in these predictions. The world is becoming more and more connected and more and more families of devices capable of functioning in a connected ecosystem are constantly emerging. In recent years, investment in this sector has been increasing and all the possibilities it can bring us are yet to be exploited, so we hope that growth will increase in the new year.

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