Taat moves into distribution agreement with Artisan to Expand Beyond Tobacco™ Global Footprint

In a bid to expand the global footprint of Beyond Tobacco cigarettes in their distinctive varieties with the help of Artisan Vapor Franchise LLC’s chain of 70 stores in U.S., UK and a southasian country, TAAT LIFESTYLE & WELLNESS LTD. has moved into comprehensive distribution agreement with Artisan Vapor Franchise LLC on one-year renewable terms. Artisan will impart the Beyond Tobacco cigarettes in their “Original” and “Menthol” forms.

Artisan which started its business in 2013, is rapidly growing its presence in the retailing market for the smoking alternative vaping with its United Kingdom, Pakistan, and the United States-based more than 70 franchised storefronts. Artisan has strong online presense and runs online stores in each of its business oriented country in addition to the franchised retail stores.

According to the distribution agreement between Taat and Artisan, Beyond Tobacco™ cigarettes can be delivered in any of Artisan’s eligible franchised or online stores in the United Kingdom, Pakistan, and the United States.

Taat expects that its developed Beyond Tobacco which is a alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes and is tobacco-free and nicotine-free in a combustible “stick” format will be appealling to the smokers wanting to leave nicotine part of the cigarettes.

As the CDC study says that about 55.1% smokers in United States has attempted to quit in 2017 and 7.5% successfully quit smoking. Taat wants to achieve a role in overcoming the global tobacco epidemic in which Beyond Tobacco™ cigarettes intuitive smoking experience and the benefits of CBD for tobacco smokers can help the company grow its market.

Artisan CEO, Umair Kaimkhani said, “We see great potential in Beyond Tobacco™ cigarettes as an alternative to traditional cigarettes.” While Taat CEO, Setti Coscarella said, “Having the opportunity to sell a product internationally even before its launch is tremendous, and I am excited to be working with Artisan as a distribution partner for Beyond Tobacco™ cigarettes.”

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