MP3: Where to download free MP3 music on the Internet


There are many times in our lives when we need to download free MP3 music: Install it as a ringtone on your mobile phone, add it to a video you will upload to YouTube or any other project. 

If you do not know how to download music and need it, this list of websites will help you to have free MP3 songs that you can use wherever you want. You can download the music you want to your computer to use for creatives, videos, etc. There are many pages that allow us to discover music. You will usually find songs that are not released or unknown.MP3

Download songs and melodies

Pages where you can download free music. The rights vary depending on each website, as well as the amount or type of content, but usually we will not have to pay anything and there are all sorts of options we can use. Almost all of the following pages allow you to preview and find content by category or usage we want to offer you, so it will be easy to find something that suits us.


As its name suggests, DigCCMixter is a creative commons music website so you can download songs that you can use on YouTube, Vimeo or Steam videos. You just have to see what is available. Songs uploaded by artists and creators and which can be downloaded for free and used for all kinds of projects. 

You look at different sections and you can press the “play” button next to each song. If you like, press the download button and download the MP3 audio to your computer for use wherever you want. You can filter if you want it to be free to use or not and you can check if you want to see the full list or instrumental songs only.

Free Music Public Domain

Here we find two types of downloads: commercial and non-commercial. The first is intended if you want to download promotional songs, for example. Secondly if you want to use songs in a university project or in a video you will upload to YouTube. In this case, if we are going to make money from a project we will need to fill out an application form and you may have to pay for it. If you just want to use the video you are making with your friends, you will need to specify the author as a CC licence.

If not, it is the same: there are a number of sections that we can check to find the sound that matches what we are looking for. The web may not be as comfortable or beautiful as the others on this list but it may be equally useful. In addition, here we will find the most specific categories such as Christmas music or children’s music or cartoon music. For each one, tap “CLICK HERE” and use it wherever you want with the file.


Soundcloud allows us to download YouTube MP3 music or listen to it on our computer. Not all songs available on Soundcloud are available for download in MP3 but there are others, just search for “free copyright” to display the list of available free downloads on your computer. You can listen to it before downloading it and you will need to register to download it.

You will be able to choose the song you want and listen to it, in addition to seeing the number of listeners it has and the comments you receive, in case you choose to allow the comments of other users or the sound of the song in question before choosing who to listen to. The variety is so wide that you may need another filter to get what you want.

 This way you can limit your search and find the specific topic you want in your YouTube video. You can also filter by upload date or song time


If you are looking for a website to download free MP3 music without an explanation, FreePD allows it. Also, downloading pieces is not easy to take a second because we can click the “Download” button next to the song to start downloading it. 

Another advantage of this website is that it is very attractive and easy to use because it uses a series of emojis to separate different audios, so at a glance we will know what it is about or what categories. You can also sort by browsing different categories such as drama, electronic, horror, romantic, comedy.

Live Music Archive is one of the most important online websites we always turn to: it allows us to play MS DOS games, watch free movies and download free MP3 music. There are over 230,000 files available that we can access and sort by topic, year, collections, concerts.

We may choose to order it by date of publication, by title, by visit or by type as required. Like the others on this list, we can listen to our favourite song or album and below will find the options available. Among them, usually, MP3. Just tap the files to download them.

FMA also has all kinds of genres: blues, electronics, classic, soul, rock, pop, jazz. You choose what you want and you will see different pieces, artists and albums. You can tap the right arrow of each clip to download it for free MP3.


You can choose the songs you want, for free, and you can add them to all kinds of projects without a problem: movies, markets, YouTube videos. Just go to the website and press “Search Music” for all the options to appear.

We can sort by genre, keywords, language, if we want vocal or instrumental, if we want to choose the tempo, if we want to have a certain instrument. Of course, it is very complicated when you download because that is what Beatpick allows us to do to license music which we love and then download.



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