High School Technology Blogs

We have compiled some of the most useful technology blogs for Secondary School teachers to find notes, practical exercises, videos and all kinds of materials to complement the lessons of this subject.

Tecnomeler: Technology and Information Technology resources

With sections on Computer Science, Electronics, Mechanics, Electricity and Graphic Expression, this blog is designed to work on this subject with ESO and Baccalaureate students. It has exercises, notes or activities to reinforce the different parts that make up the subject, such as Arduino and Scratch resources to learn programming. It is also possible to find publications with YouTube videos or initiatives to work from home.

Technology Area

In it you can find a large number of materials to review areas such as Computer Science or Structures; Technology videos and books; information on photovoltaic installations or activities to put into practice what they have learned. Each section has notes and diagrams to explain the theoretical contents and has another specific section of online activities adapted to the different levels of Secondary and Baccalaureate.


Created by teacher Pedro Landín from the Sagrados Corazones de Placeres school (Pontevedra), it is focused on the second, third and fourth years of ESO. In it, materials are uploaded in the form of review cards as well as notes to facilitate the study of students. It also has self-assessment exercises for the different parts of the subject and Kahoots, practices with image editors, programs to create 3D materials and examples of projects that can be carried out in the Technology workshop.

Your online technology class 

The objective of this didactic website, created by two teachers from the IES Ría del Carmen center (Ana Isabel López Gutiérrez and Ana Soraya González Bárcena), is to collect and share resources with students and teachers of the center. But they also encourage other teachers who teach the subject of Technology to use the content of this blog for their classes. For this reason, they share it under a Creative Commons license.


Blog created by the Department of Technology of the IES Luis Vélez de Guevara, Écija, which collects information, a list of interesting readings and materials for teachers and students from 2nd year of ESO to 2nd year of Baccalaureate. In addition, he has solved the selectivity questions of the latest Industrial Technology exams in Andalusia, very useful for reviewing theoretical knowledge for the exams.

Department of technology of the IES Villablanca (Madrid)

This institute has its own blog in which they compile materials suitable for each course, from ESO to Baccalaureate. It is not only focused on the subject of Technology: they also include content on Image and Sound, Industrial Technology and programming with HTML or Arduino, for example. In addition, it is a suitable blog for teachers who teach in bilingual schools because part of the content is also in English.

Technology classroom

This blog created by Amelia Tierno (Technology teacher at IES Ignacio Ellacuría in Alcalá de Henares) with a Creative Commons license compiles numerous resources and materials to get ideas when preparing Technology classes. The content is divided between theoretical resources of Technology for Secondary, projects collected in video that have been carried out, Computer Science and Industrial Technology.


The technology blog of the IES 8 de Marzo de Alicante has videos and images of the projects they have carried out in different ESO and Baccalaureate courses. In addition, it includes different activity guides and projects organized by courses to be able to work in class, as well as PDF lessons to use as notes for the subject.


Created by the IESO Sierra la Mesta, in Santa Amalia (Badajoz ), this blog aims to explain or expand the didactic content that is taught in this subject from 2nd to 4th of ESO, as well as in the Computer Science subject of this last year. of Secondary Education. Teachers publish exercises, presentations with explanations, videos and games for their students.

Technology-ESO and Industrial Technology-Baccalaureate

José Manuel Núñez is the author of this blog in which he publishes the content related to this subject for ESO and Baccalaureate, ideas and examples of projects, many links and resources of interest (technology and society, graphic expression, computing, Arduino, structures , mechanisms…), etc. In addition, some sections such as tutoring and evaluations are aimed at your students.

We learn Technology

It is a blog created by nine teachers of this subject in which, since March 2008, they have published notes, activities, projects carried out by their students… It is organized into various sections such as animations, science and technology, projects… and also includes multiple links to technology websites.

Technology blogs: resources for Secondary

José Manuel Panadero is the author of this web page , which is characterized by its numerous proposals for the subject of Technology. To navigate comfortably through your entries, it is best to go to the right side of the blog, to the ‘Categories’ and ‘Tag Cloud’ sections. Many of these entries are complemented with videos that help to understand the theoretical part more effectively.

Techno-Secondary: Technology and Computer resources

The technological process, Mechanisms and machines, Robotics, Electronics, Pneumatics and Hydraulics, Communication Technologies… These are some of the blocks that this blog proposes , which also has links to sites of interest for 1st, 3rd and 4th of ESO such as a page that generates pieces in three dimensions to work with the views.

Technology Blogs for High School Students and Teachers

It is a space in which current technological issues such as virtual reality or the Bitcom mobile payment system have a place. But we also discover other proposals such as those related to some measuring instruments such as the voltmeter or the ammeter. Likewise, it is possible to work on structures and issues related to hydraulics. There is also a ‘Projects’ section with links to a course on robotics, analysis of technological objects and technical drawing.

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