As a sneaker entrepreneur at 19, Idrees Kickz expands his empire through his brand Woiair

As a sneaker entrepreneur at 19, Idrees Kickz expands his empire through his brand Woiair.

He is an under 20 businessman in Canada who apart from sneakers has diversified his business into other verticals like merchandise, digital space and real estate.

Sometimes in life whilst people make decisions to do something on their very own or create something which they may be pleased with for all their lives, they now no longer best look out for motivation and inspiration only across the sector, additionally they look for that fire in themselves to attain the success they desire. This is what motivates and encourages them towards their aspirations and visions and get on their respective paths to reap all the benefits from their hard work. The e-commerce world is a huge world in itself; it has to this point helped innumerable youngsters in making their profession, giving them opportunities that would remodel them into successful entrepreneurs and when it has to do with the sneaker niche, the opportunities are unending. Topping the game in the e-commerce space with his ardour for elegant and supreme quality sneakers is Idrees Kickz from Toronto, Ontario. He has already created a whole lot of buzz as a young sneaker entrepreneur along with his brand ‘Woiair’.

As a sneaker entrepreneur at 19, Idrees Kickz expands his empire through his brand Woiair.

Individuals spend their entire lives in constructing and growing one established company; however, Idrees Kickz as a self-taught young entrepreneur at 19 years of age has constructed his empire called ‘Woiair’ which offers not only the best of sneakers through reselling them in the e-commerce space but also has now dived into different portfolios of digital agency, real estate and merchandise. This proves the hustler mentality and constant hard work of this youngster who commenced off being a sneaker reseller and now has emerged as one of the most distinguished names across the world of business as an influential teenager entrepreneur.

He commenced running a business at only 13 years of age across the e-commerce space. His ardour for footwear helped him carve his entrepreneurial expedition and today; he makes millions through several online companies which can be raring to attain the pinnacle of its respective industries. At this sort of young age, Idrees Kickz has constructed a lifestyle and a profession that many different skilled entrepreneurs might also take inspiration and motivation from.

If at 19 this teenager has earned millions, one can know the momentum he can achieve in the upcoming years. To know more about him and being updated about his businesses, follow him on social media platforms like Instagram/Facebook/TikTok/Twitter/YouTube @idreeskickz.

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