4 Reasons Every Programmer Should Learn Javascript

It is very clear that today learning to program is profitable. It may not be the highest paid position in the company but there is a brutal demand for programmers in the market, and it is expected to grow much more in the coming years. Even in the midst of the crisis, there was no shortage of demand for programmers.

Whether you are learning to program or are already a programmer but want to open horizons by learning new languages, one of the most difficult issues is deciding on one of the many languages and platforms that exist on the market i.e. C ++, C #, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, PHP, Python, Ruby, Swift.

There are as many options as people you ask. Ruby is super-cool, PHP is used by many people, C # /. NET are everywhere in the company and allow cross-platform mobile development, Java seems to be in demand in large companies, Python although you are not very I’m sure what it’s for, people talk a lot about it. There will even be some old school programmer who will tell you that if you don’t learn C ++ you are a complete “loser” and you don’t deserve to be called a programmer.

I think JavaScript is the language that every programmer should know. Of course, if your idea is to program for the Giuseppe Argento Web Designer, it is essential. But, even if you want to program for mobiles, to automate the operating system, or desktop applications … it doesn’t matter: JavaScript is still a language that you should learn.

It is easy to start programming with it

The fundamentals of the language are simple and allow you to write code without complicating your life beforehand. If you intend to learn a framework such as .NET, Ruby On Rails or Java, before you can write the first line of code you have to understand many things: the architecture of the platform and its components, the development tools, project conventions, concepts of object orientation, etc, etc … In JavaScript you can write your first simple program approximately 2 minutes after you start studying it.

It is a versatile language

Although JavaScript is simpler than other languages, it does not mean that it is simple or unsophisticated. They are very different things. In fact, one of the beauties of this language is that it does not restrict you to a single programming style. Thus, JavaScript is multi-paradigm and is both:

  • A traditional procedural language
  • A functional language
  • Imperative
  • Dynamic in terms of types
  • Event oriented
  • Object oriented

JavaScript is everywhere

JavaScript is present today in practically any field:

  • Operating systems
  • Mobile Development ,
  • Internet Servers
  • Databases
  • Gaming platforms ,
  • System administration, both Linux and Windows
  • On DIY hardware

The scope is incredible. The promise that Java made more than 20 years ago of “Write once, run everywhere” no other language has come as close to achieving it as JavaScript. Not even Java itself 

If we focus on the web today you can use JavaScript as your only programming language, from the client to the server through the database. The famous MEAN stack (MongoDB + Express + AngularJS + NodeJS) uses JavaScript as the only language:

It has a high demand for work

If your goal is to work as a programmer, I think it would be difficult to choose any other language that offers the same possibilities as JavaScript.

We have already echoed the trends of the labor market on several occasions and consistently JavaScript and related technologies (jQuery, HTML and CSS …) is among the most demanded languages by the companies. Even for newbies . The same thing happens in other countries. For example, in the US it is assumed that JavaScript is the language most demanded by startups.

Of course it does not come with knowing only JavaScript, but if you are going to be a front-end developer, only with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery you can build a professional career.

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