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4 Reasons Every Programmer Should Learn Javascript




It is very clear that today learning to program is profitable. It may not be the highest paid position in the company but there is a brutal demand for programmers in the market, and it is expected to grow much more in the coming years. Even in the midst of the crisis, there was no shortage of demand for programmers.

Whether you are learning to program or are already a programmer but want to open horizons by learning new languages, one of the most difficult issues is deciding on one of the many languages and platforms that exist on the market i.e. C ++, C #, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, PHP, Python, Ruby, Swift.

There are as many options as people you ask. Ruby is super-cool, PHP is used by many people, C # /. NET are everywhere in the company and allow cross-platform mobile development, Java seems to be in demand in large companies, Python although you are not very I’m sure what it’s for, people talk a lot about it. There will even be some old school programmer who will tell you that if you don’t learn C ++ you are a complete “loser” and you don’t deserve to be called a programmer.

I think JavaScript is the language that every programmer should know. Of course, if your idea is to program for the Giuseppe Argento Web Designer, it is essential. But, even if you want to program for mobiles, to automate the operating system, or desktop applications … it doesn’t matter: JavaScript is still a language that you should learn.

It is easy to start programming with it

The fundamentals of the language are simple and allow you to write code without complicating your life beforehand. If you intend to learn a framework such as .NET, Ruby On Rails or Java, before you can write the first line of code you have to understand many things: the architecture of the platform and its components, the development tools, project conventions, concepts of object orientation, etc, etc … In JavaScript you can write your first simple program approximately 2 minutes after you start studying it.

It is a versatile language

Although JavaScript is simpler than other languages, it does not mean that it is simple or unsophisticated. They are very different things. In fact, one of the beauties of this language is that it does not restrict you to a single programming style. Thus, JavaScript is multi-paradigm and is both:

  • A traditional procedural language
  • A functional language
  • Imperative
  • Dynamic in terms of types
  • Event oriented
  • Object oriented

JavaScript is everywhere

JavaScript is present today in practically any field:

  • Operating systems
  • Mobile Development ,
  • Internet Servers
  • Databases
  • Gaming platforms ,
  • System administration, both Linux and Windows
  • On DIY hardware

The scope is incredible. The promise that Java made more than 20 years ago of “Write once, run everywhere” no other language has come as close to achieving it as JavaScript. Not even Java itself 

If we focus on the web today you can use JavaScript as your only programming language, from the client to the server through the database. The famous MEAN stack (MongoDB + Express + AngularJS + NodeJS) uses JavaScript as the only language:

It has a high demand for work

If your goal is to work as a programmer, I think it would be difficult to choose any other language that offers the same possibilities as JavaScript.

We have already echoed the trends of the labor market on several occasions and consistently JavaScript and related technologies (jQuery, HTML and CSS …) is among the most demanded languages by the companies. Even for newbies . The same thing happens in other countries. For example, in the US it is assumed that JavaScript is the language most demanded by startups.

Of course it does not come with knowing only JavaScript, but if you are going to be a front-end developer, only with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery you can build a professional career.

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How to Solve Error Code 0x0



Error number: Error 0x0
Error name: Microsoft Error Code 0X0
Error description: Error 0x0: Microsoft will be closed due to a problem. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
software: Microsoft
Applies to: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11

Analysis of “Microsoft Error Code 0X0”

People often prefer to call “Microsoft Error Code 0X0” a “runtime error”. This is also known as a software bug. Programmers do different levels of debugging to make sure Microsoft is as error-free as possible. Unfortunately, errors such as error 0x0 may be missed during this process.

If Microsoft users regularly use the program, they may see error 0x0 (“Microsoft Error Code 0X0”). When “Microsoft Error Code 0X0” occurs, the developer is notified about the problem despite the error reports built into the application. Developers can then modify the source code and release updates on the market. Developers can use the Microsoft Update Kit to fix documented errors in the system (such as error 0x0).

What Causes Run-Time Error 0x0?

In most cases, you will see “Microsoft Error Code 0X0” during the Microsoft boot process. Errors 0x0 There are three most important causes of run-time errors:

Error 0x0 Crash -At run time, when a program exits unexpectedly while running, it is called “Error 0x0”. These errors usually occur when Microsoft input is not processed correctly or when the output is confusing.

“Microsoft Error Code 0X0” Memory Leak-When a Microsoft memory leak occurs, the device may slow down due to lack of system resources. Mishandling memory can lead to memory corruption and other potential errors in your code.

Error 0x0 Logical Error -The computer system creates incorrect information or produces different results even if the input data is accurate. This is seen when the Microsoft Corporation source code contains data processing flaws.

Microsoft Error Code 0X0 errors are usually caused by corrupted or missing Microsoft related files, such as by malware infection. Retrieving a new, uninfected Microsoft Corporation file usually resolves the issue. In addition, cleaning and optimizing the registry can prevent invalid file paths (such as Microsoft Error Code 0X0) and file extension references, so it’s a good idea to run a registry scan cleanup on a regular basis. To do.

Common problems with Microsoft Error Code 0X0

These Microsoft error code 0X0 related Microsoft troubles are as follows:

  • “Application Error: Microsoft Error Code 0X0”
  • Microsoft Error Code 0X0 is not a valid Win32 application.
  • Microsoft Error Code 0X0 will be closed due to a problem. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • “Sorry, Microsoft Error Code 0X0 not found.”
  • Microsoft Error Code 0X0 was not found.
  • “Application startup issues: Microsoft Error Code 0X0.”
  • “Unable to execute Microsoft Error Code 0X0”
  • “Microsoft Error Code 0X0 has stopped.”
  • “Software Path Failure: Microsoft Error Code 0X0.”

Microsoft-related Microsoft Error Code 0X0 issues occur during installation, while Microsoft Error Code 0X0-related software is running, booting or shutting down, or during the Windows installation process. Documentation Microsoft Error Code 0X0 issues with Microsoft is the key to identifying the causes of Windows issues and reporting them to Microsoft Corporation.

Microsoft Error Code 0X0 Origin of the problem

Microsoft and Microsoft Error Code 0X0 issues are caused by missing or corrupted files, invalid entries in the Windows registry, and malware infections.

The main complications of Microsoft Error Code 0X0 are:

  • Microsoft Error Code 0X0 Registry key is invalid / corrupted.
  • The malware has infected Microsoft Error Code 0X0 and created corruption.
  • Microsoft Error Code 0X0 Maliciously or accidentally removed by another software (except Microsoft).
  • Another program is in conflict with Microsoft and its shared reference files.
  • Microsoft (Microsoft Error Code 0X0) is incomplete or corrupted from the download or installation.


Richy Jones covers news and Sports category of Technology Malt. He also is interested in news in the US Football, Canadian Football sector. Jones holds Journalism Degree specialization in Sports. Writing about Sports his great passions and profession meet. He has been updating the public on various Football news and reports with regular contribution to Technology Malt.

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Best Video Editing Apps



Want to be a content creator? Here are your top video editing software choices to make your videos stand out. Hand-Picked by experts.

Video is everywhere. From Instagram to Snapchat to YouTube to TikTok, all the greatest stuff coming out is digital video. If you’re reading this, it’s because you don’t simply want to sit and watch anymore.

You wish to create.

All those platforms offer basic tools, but you need features to gain the advantage in creating great video content. You don’t have a large studio budget, but that doesn’t matter anymore.

Read on to discover about the top video editing tools for aspiring content producers.

Adobe Premiere 

Adobe Rush is a fresh new video editing software launched by Adobe in November 2018.

Compared to AdobePremiere Pro, Premiere Rush is a lightweight version video editing software which may be utilised on mobile devices.

It’s accessible on iOS, Mac OS, Windows, and Android. Premiere Rush is extremely approachable for those who just began with video editing.

But this doesn’t imply that it’s unsuitable for sophisticated or professional users since it’s really a highly strong software. Although a little restricted compared to Premiere Pro, you can still create great videos with this software.


  • Supports many tracks of video and audio layers
  • Huge variety of supported file formats and files from a wide range of cameras
  • Slow motion edits
  • Filters and presets
  • Animated titles
  • Cross platform compatibility (the software will immediately transfer your previous changes to your other devices so you may start your edits in one device and finish the editing process on your other devices) (the app will automatically transfer your last edits to your other devices so you can start your edits in one device and continue the editing process on your other devices)
  • Support for editing various video formats.
  • You may also switch between various format files. Once you’ve begun designing and have chosen your size, you may reuse it for various social networks.
  • Presets to export your work directly to your social sites like as Facebook, Instagram, and Behance
  • Super quick exporting speed even if you use a phone.


  • You can’t copy and paste your effects or apply a colour grade across numerous clips.
  • You have to pick the clip, apply the effect or the grade that you want and you have to do the same thing for all the subsequent clips.


KineMaster is one of the finest video editing applications for Android, iPhone and iPad right now.

It’s a fantastic choice for beginners or intermediate creators who want more sophisticated editing tools and greater control over their creations.


  • Easy to use, straightforward interface
  • Features for establishing sophisticated audio settings and advanced effects
  • Support for numerous video and audio layers
  • Cutting and trimming tools
  • Built-in animated titles that look extremely professional
  • Support for editing various formats and sizes as well as editing and exporting 4K videos
  • Works great both with lengthy and short format videos.


  • Uses watermarks and advertising on free version.
  • Basic colour correcting tools.
  • You can’t switch between various format files after you’ve begun generating and chosen your size.


Easy to use intuitive video editing software with all the sophisticated capabilities.

An other noteworthy feature of PowerDirector is the amount of control you have over the colour correction that is applied to your video footage.

Being able to dial in and really get your colours looking the way that you want them for professional-looking footage is a huge advantage in more sophisticated video editing.

PowerDirector is a video editing application that is available for Android (Editor’s Choice) and Windows.

Video editing with several tracks

  • Audio control with advanced features
  • Color correction using advanced technology

Capability of picking up and moving your video around, trimming them down, and including music with relative ease

  • It is capable of supporting 4K video.
  • 360-degree video editor
  • The ability to customise all of your volume levels
  • The ability to upload movies in both landscape and portrait mode.

Richy Jones covers news and Sports category of Technology Malt. He also is interested in news in the US Football, Canadian Football sector. Jones holds Journalism Degree specialization in Sports. Writing about Sports his great passions and profession meet. He has been updating the public on various Football news and reports with regular contribution to Technology Malt.

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How to solve the screen turns off when the phone is via WhatsApp




Along with its development, now the features of the WhatsApp application are more complete, one of which is a feature that makes the wa screen turn off during calls.

For some people, this feature is actually annoying. Maybe they feel if this feature seems complicated or for other reasons.

Well, if you are experiencing something similar and want to overcome it, then don’t be confused. In this article, I will tell you about how to solve the screen turns off when WhatsApp phone is complete and clear.

Why does the WA screen turn off when calling on WhatsApp?

Maybe you are wondering, why does the cellphone screen turn off when making a WhatsApp call? This happens because of a sensor called Proximity .

This sensor will make your cellphone screen dark and turn off when WhatsApp calls are made.

The main function of this Proximity sensor is to make your cellphone battery more efficient when used to make calls via WhatsApp, especially for a long time.

In addition, this Proximity sensor will also avoid touching the face with the screen. Of course, you don’t have to worry if parts of the cellphone screen will be accidentally touched.

How to Fix Screen Turns Off When Phone on WhatsApp

If you feel uncomfortable with the existence of this Proximity sensor , then don’t be confused because the sensor can be turned off.

Therefore, immediately, here are the steps you need to follow in how to solve the screen turns off when the phone via WhatsApp:

  • First, open the settings by dragging the notification bar downwards and tap on the settings menu with a gear-shaped icon. Usually this menu is located at the top right of the HP screen.
  • If the settings application has successfully opened, then scroll down and look for the Applications option. For some HP brands, this Application option is written with the word System Application. If you have found it, just tap on the Application option.
  • Well, on the next menu, you need to look for an option called Call Settings or Incoming Call Settings.
  • Then, you can immediately tap again on the Incoming Call Settings option in the menu after that.
  • After that, you will see several options that can be turned on and off.
  • Take a look at the options under Proximity sensor, and see if the feature is active or not.
  • If the Proximity Sensor feature is active, you can tap or slide the small bar to the right of the Proximity Sensor text to turn off this feature.

Possibly on some brands or types of HP, the System Application menu is quite difficult to find.

Therefore, you can try to use the Search feature on your cellphone. Then, just write “System Applications” and do the same as above.

What If This Method Doesn’t Work?

Then what if the method above has been done, but the screen still turns off when making calls via WhatsApp? If this is true, it is likely that the problem does not come from the software , but from the sensors on your cellphone.

Usually the problem with this sensor is marked by your cellphone screen turning off when you make a WhatsApp call and can’t turn it on again.

Problems with this sensor , usually occur because of bugs or dirt attached to the surface. This sensor is located at the top of the cellphone screen and here’s how to fix it:

  • If the cellphone you are using is protected by tempered glass , then remove the tempered glass first .
  • After that, see if the sensor is dirty or stuck with dust.
  • But even if there is dirt or not, I suggest to keep cleaning it to make sure the sensor is clean.
  • For that, you can wipe the sensor on this cellphone using a tissue or cloth with another soft texture.
  • If so, try to make a WhatsApp call again.
  • If it is successful, then also clean the tempered glass that was used and reinstall it.
  • But I suggest it’s better if you use a new tempered glass , just in case this problem occurs because of the tempered glass you are using.

If it still doesn’t work, what should you do next?

If you have tried to clean the Proximty sensor but the cellphone screen still turns off when used for WhatsApp calls, there might be a problem with the system on your cellphone.

Problems with this HP system, of course, can affect everything, including the Proximity sensor on the cellphone .

Now to overcome this one problem, it would be better if you did a factory reset with the following steps:

  • First, open the settings application or Settings on your cellphone.
  • After that, look for the menu that says Backup And Reset.
  • If the menu is found, then just select it.
  • Then look for the Restore HP to Factory Settings menu again, and tap on the menu.
  • Continue by following the guide given to the HP until it’s finished.
  • Finally, your cellphone will process this factory reset and reboot .
  • If it is alive again, then your HP will be like new again.

Before doing this Factory Reset , it would be better if you backup the data first.

This is because the Factory Reset will eliminate all data in the internal memory , including the application and also the files in it.


The death of the cellphone screen when making a WhatsApp call is due to the Proximity sensor. With this sensor , the HP battery will last longer and avoid unwanted touches.

If you want to turn it off, just follow the way to solve the screen turns off when the WhatsApp phone is above.

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