Why Should You Use a Mileage Tracker App?

Mileage Tracker App

If you want to keep detailed mileage records, a mile-tracking app is the best way to go. They’re more accurate and time-efficient than traditional logging methods.

Whether you’re an independent contractor or an employee of a company, mileage trackers can save you time and money. They’re also better than handwriting notes down on paper.


A good mileage tracker app will record accurate trips with high-speed GPS tracking. This ensures that your logs are always up-to-date and accurate, saving you time in the long run.

Mileage trackers are great for solopreneurs and independent contractors. Their simple interfaces and intuitive dashboard make creating reports on the go easy. They also connect to apps such as Uber and Taxify, allowing you to track income and calculate taxes on the fly.

Many mobile mileage trackers integrate with QuickBooks Online to automatically feed trip data into your CRM. Using this approach, you can ensure the adoption of the tool.

However, even the best-in-class mileage trackers could be better and still inadvertently err. Inaccuracies can cost you a substantial amount of money, especially regarding deductions.

One of the main reasons mileage trackers could be better is that they have to guess whether you’re driving. This can be wildly inaccurate, and it can also drain your battery quickly.

On the other hand, a dedicated mileage tracker will track you with extreme accuracy every single time. This can be a huge time saver for business owners who need to know exactly where they are.


A mileage tracker app can save you time and hassle if you’re a contractor, business owner, or employee who drives to work for your company. Manually logging mileage is tedious, requires a lot of attention, and can add up to an average of administrative hours per year for each employee.

When you use a mileage tracking app, all the trips you make for your company are automatically recorded and classed as business or personal with a simple thumb swipe. This means you don’t have to worry about missing a trip or forgetting a business deduction at tax time.

Moreover, mileage tracking apps are also great for businesses that provide gas allowances to their employees. These can be reimbursed more accurately and quickly if an app tracks them.

Another benefit of a mileage tracker is that it can be integrated with payroll and accounting software to make the reimbursement process more accessible. This can be particularly useful for companies with large fleets that need to track their expenses and ensure all reimbursements are adequately documented.

Some of the more popular features of a mileage tracker app include automatic tracking, categorization, expense tracking, tax estimates, and data reports. Some parts are free, while others cost a month.


You may have to track mileage for tax purposes if you’re a business owner. Manually logging your trips, tracking mileage-related expenses, and preparing reports for taxes can be a painstaking process.

However, a mileage tracker app can help you eliminate this hassle. These apps use GPS to track your trips and present this data in a unified dashboard. They also offer to report features that help you analyze your driving habits and optimize your business.

Many apps also integrate with third-party productivity tools like calendars, expense trackers, and accounting software. This makes it easier for you to manage your business-related travel tasks on the go.

Lastly, a good mileage tracker app will also allow you to keep a detailed record of your business trips. This will save you time and make preparing and filing your tax returns easier.

Everlance is an IRS-compliant mileage tracker app that helps you file your business trips, track expenses, and comply with the standard mileage rates prescribed by the IRS. They have a free version that lets you take 30 tracked trips per month before you need to purchase a premium account.

Another mileage tracker app that runs in the background and automatically logs your miles. The app uses your phone’s GPS to record your mileage and classifies it as business or personal. It also offers several reports that you can download to your computer.


A mileage tracker app can be essential if you drive for business purposes. It can help you keep tabs on mileage and other expenses and also give you tax deductions when it’s time to file your taxes.

Many people need to realize that business miles are deductible, which can significantly affect your overall tax bill.

Having a mileage tracking app means you won’t have to worry about scribbling down mile logs or keeping an eye on odometer readings, as the app automatically handles those activities. It’s GPS capabilities and cellular connection mean the app will record your travels accurately and maximize your tax deductions.

Many different mileage trackers are available in the market, so choosing one that’s right for you is essential. You should also consider the app’s features and cost.

The best mileage tracker apps will automatically record all your trips, and many will even create IRS-ready reports for you. These reports will be helpful if the IRS decides to audit your taxes.

There are many apps on the market, but if you want an all-in-one solution, look for a mileage and expense tracker which offers automated mileage tracking and receipt photos, and complete IRS-ready reports. The app works with businesses of all sizes, including freelancers and small teams, so it’s an excellent option for anyone tracking their mileage and expenses.