Dr. Patrick Argiro aka Cousin Pat Talks Music Therapy

Cousin Pat aka Dr. Patrick Argiro, a licensed mental health counselor talks about how music can positively help a person and their level of stress. There is research that shows how music can affect brain function. To know this is true all you must do is remember a moment where a song brought out an emotion in anybody who is reading this article.

Music can influence your mood. Music that makes you feel joy and happiness can cause the human brain to produce chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. It also has been shown that music that is considered relaxing can calm the mind and the body. Cousin Pat also continued that music could influence our emotions which would make us decide our mood which can also impact the music that people will listen to.

Music therapy is now an accepted form of therapy. Music can force human emotions and being happy releases dopamine as so is considered a natural antidepressant.

According to Cousin Pat aka Dr. Patrick Argiro, PhD, LPC, music can really help those with mental health issues and music can help mental health patients address emotional problems they cannot address through the normal therapy channels. Sensory stimulation, which is the key component in music therapy, is utilized to elicit an encouraging reaction to specific circumstances. Dr. Argiro reports that music can influence the human heart by speeding it up with a higher BPM or a more calming type of music can slow down the heartbeat.

Music and emotions have always been linked together and therefore without even knowing it for many years has helped individuals with stress relief. Now in modern times we are more aware of how music can affect the emotional state of a person and how it can evoke feelings of joy and happiness and therefore help reduce stress levels.

Music has the possibility to ease the human brain as well as the human body. Past investigations and fact-finding missions show that all types of music from loud to low has been shown to assist in decreasing blood pressure. The human stress hormone Cortisol has shown that elevated levels can correlate to higher stress levels. Readers may be familiar with the research that music by artists such as Beethoven has shown to lower cortisol levels in certain individuals. Experts and clinicians recommended listening to music daily as it is very motivating for people while they do their workouts as well for people in their daily life.

Mental Health is a critical issue for all individuals and all modalities and therapeutic processes that are available to the public should be researched properly. Music therapy has shown valid scientific proof behind it and if someone has tried traditional therapy before with no success this may be an approach they can attempt.

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