An online pharmacy is a digital shop authorized to sell various products, including over-the-counter drugs (i.e. those that can be purchased without a prescription signed by the attending physician). To carry out the sales activity, however, an online pharmacy must be connected to a physical shop in possession of a VAT number and a specific authorization for the “distance selling of medicines”.In Canada, people prefer to use an online pharmacies. Canada drugs provide a platform, from where everyone can purchase a medicine of their own choice.

Online pharmacies have become an ally of people’s health and a frequent recommendation of health professionals. How to obtain the best prices and variety of products in this service that is always on call.

Even before the Covid-19 era, we experienced social, economic, and health changes that have prompted us to rethink the future differently in all our daily habits.

The purchase of pharmacy products is one of them. Especially in the months of social isolation, the work of online pharmacies has been essential and currently continues to be a growing trend, since many people have become accustomed to a fast service, which arrives at the door of their home and is always available.


Online pharmacies have positioned themselves strongly within e-commerce thanks to their comparative advantagesgreater comfort, service available 24 hours a day, fast deliveries, and better prices.

“online pharmacy has an extensive number of suppliers, brands and pharmaceutical laboratories that offer a wide variety of over-the-counter medicines, personal use products, food supplements, and quality cosmetics, which allows the demand for items to be met in a large percentage for all customers in a simple way and at an exceptional price”,

For online pharmacies, COVID-19 is a unique opportunity for expansion

The efficiency of online pharmacies in delivering health products at low cost, combined with the growing penetration of e-commerce, is driving the growth of the segment amid the pandemic. Its advantages over physical pharmacies are numerous.

With the arrival of COVID-19 and social distancing rules, the use of technology has become a key factor in our lives, generating dizzying changes in all sectors. The health sector is not exempt from these changes and trends.

In fact, we could say that this is one of the sectors that is incorporating technology most quickly in many and very diverse aspects. The advantages of online pharmacies over their physical counterparts are numerous. For example, there is a significant group of patients around the world who prefer home delivery of pharmaceutical products, due to the lack of availability of certain medications in physical pharmacies. Online pharmacies also reduce the dependence of the chronically ill, patients, and the elderly on a third person for the acquisition of medicines and health care products.

Online pharmacy captures a wide customer base globally

The growing development of e-commerce has made it easier for online pharmacies to capture a wide customer base globally, in both developed and developing countries, and the trend has only been accelerated by the pandemic. Let’s take the case of the “millennials”, a generation that already depends heavily on the Internet to purchase products related to health care, including medicines.


Online pharmacy has a promising future

The future of this sector is very promising if we take into account that new technologies based on artificial intelligence will also contribute to its development, guaranteeing greater customer satisfaction. These technologies will allow the online pharmacy to anticipate the tastes, preferences, and even pathologies of its users.

In general terms, e-commerce platforms, initially an option to acquire more specialized products or at a better price, are becoming the first purchase option for groceries and essential goods in times of social distancing. This is an irresistible trend that will create disruption and new opportunities.

A note on telemedicine: by sharing many of the technological characteristics and economic models of the online pharmacy, it has many of the same advantages. But also some additional ones, including reducing the workload of health professionals in this time of long overtime in so many hospitals, contributing to faster and more efficient diagnoses in less time.


In short, incorporating the services of an online pharmacy into our lives is a smart decision, since it allows us to save time and money while taking care of our health.

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