The Best Sympathy Flowers for a Funeral

The Best Sympathy Flowers for a Funeral
The Best Sympathy Flowers for a Funeral

Expressing Condolences

Grief is a part of life, and you shouldn’t try to sidestep the grieving process. Don’t try to “cheer someone up”. If they’ve just lost a family member or friend, they’re likely sad, and that’s okay. Certainly, everyone works through their personal grief in different ways, but most will be in the midst of depression for a season.

When you’re expressing condolences, your goal isn’t to get someone’s mind off their pain. Being sad in the wake of a death is, in certain respects, a sign of respect for the deceased. Rather, you want to be there for those in pain, and just listen. The value of listening when someone needs a listening ear can’t be overstated.

If you’re attending the funeral of a lost loved one, whether you’re included among the bereaved or not, you’re likely going to be in a position where buying sympathy flowers is necessary. Maybe you’re dropping a bouquet off at the casket, or maybe you’re giving new widow flowers as a sign of your empathy.

Whatever the case, you want to get sympathy flowers that fit the occasion. Here’s a link regarding what a given floral sympathy arrangement for the funeral of a bereaved friend or family member might look like. The best sympathy flowers will have certain qualities, we’ll look into them here.

Know Any Allergic Issues

Certain flowers tend to cause notable allergic reactions. If you’re trying to show sympathy to someone, and you hand them a bouquet of sneezes, that’s probably not going to help. Tears are cumbersome enough. Here’s a list of flowers known to cause allergic reactions. Try to know whether the person you’re comforting might have a reaction to these in advance.

Get the Right Amount of Flowers

If you barely know the person who has been hurt, buying 200 flowers won’t be seen as a sign of sympathy, it will be seen as self-aggrandizement. People will think you’re trying to prove how great a person you are. You’re not looking to do that.

Conversely, if you know the person really well and bring nothing, people will think you’re cold and heartless. Certainly, your personal wealth will play a part in how many flowers you buy. A billionaire can spend $5k on flowers without even missing it. Most folks who aren’t in that category can’t.

Sympathy flowers should match your relationship with the bereaved, and your relationship with the community locally. Generally, a mid-sized bouquet is just right.

Find Flowers Matching the Situation

Different flower colors have different meanings. Pink flowers are feminine, red flowers are passionate, and white flowers show purity. Try to find bouquets in colors matching the situation, here’s a link to the meaning behind floral coloration to help guide you.

The Best Sympathy Flowers for a Funeral
The Best Sympathy Flowers for a Funeral

The Right Flowers

In all things there is balance. That reality exists in reference to condolence flowers. For the perfect floral arrangements to show sympathy, try to find flowers that match the situation, get the right amount of flowers, and be aware of any potential allergic issues.

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