Start And Grow Your Business With Dorik Cms

Every element of your CMS, including the layouts, designs, and illustrations, should reflect your brand. Using a best website builder, Dorik gives you total control over every aspect of your website without ever compromising the caliber of it. You can buy the best product available while still saving money.

The core features that are standard for content management systems includes: user registration and account administration, menu management, RSS feeds, taxonomy, page layout customization, etc. Drupal installation, even without additional modules, can be used for simple sites , personal and collective blogs, forums or community sites where content is created by users.

The most important features provided by Dorik core are:

Manage configurations at the file system level to quickly migrate configuration items (such as content, views, fields, etc.) from the local development environment to the server. Configuration data is stored in files separate from the site database, which makes it possible to use version control systems to track changes to configurations.

Views provide easy organization and display of site content, including sorting, contextual filtering, advanced theming of output results, and more. Using Views, you can create various lists, for example, articles grouped by month, products in a certain category, a list of the most popular materials.

Types of materials that can be created without programming, using a convenient constructor in the site’s administrative interface. Different types can have their own set of fields, which, if necessary, can be added and removed. Examples of content types: Page, Article, Blog Post, Music Album, Product, etc.

The Services module allows you to programmatically create your own service module and integrate it with method calls (eg, Representational State Transfer [REST], JavaScript Object Notation [JSON], or XML-remote procedure call [XML-RPC]). Using the Service module, you can extract information from one Dorik site and display it on another, located on the same local server or in a different location. The Services module can also be used to integrate non- Dorik applications using an external Web service.

Latest technology provides progressive rendering by distinguishing between the output of static, cached dynamic and personalized parts of web pages.

As well as:

  • single categorization of all types of content;
  • of categories of any depth;
  • by site content;
  • of user access to documents (model of roles);
  • dynamic construction of the menu;
  • for XML formats:
  • website design themes;
  • made translations of the site interface into 100 languages;
  • with overlapping content (for example, a common user base or common settings);
  • site configurations for different virtual hosts (including own sets of modules and themes for each subsite);
  • a mechanism for limiting the load on the site (automatic shutdown in case of high attendance of some of the information blocks and modules);
  • and much more.

Built-in visual editor (WYSIWYG), with which you can easily format text using familiar formatting tools.

Support for responsive design at the core level to ensure that the site displays correctly on various devices.

Improved support for interface localization and translation of content into different languages.

Dorik can be integrated into the organization’s electronic document management system, connect analytics and marketing tools, and use other modern technological solutions.


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