How many questions CCDE Written?

Certifications have improved job opportunities and pay scales for individuals. The CCIE certification is one of the most recognized and valued credentials among people. The CCDE certification validates the expertise in network design, expert-level exposure, the designing concepts, and the relevant key areas. The certified professionals are done to deal with challenging and complex networks and develop workable solutions.

No one can deny that certified professionals are always better than non-certified professionals. Therefore, the candidates should always try to get the certifications. Moreover, the certifications expire after a few years. So the candidates have to recertify the certifications. For more information, try here.

To ensure the success of achievement of the certification, the candidates have to get the technical knowledge of advancing network infrastructure and assessing the design of large networks. Luckily, the CCDE certification has no prerequisite. The candidates have to feel the most comfortable in preparing for the exam if they have a practical experience of 3-4 years.

CCDE exam description

The CCIE written exam scans the expertise in different fields, such as security, capacity, cost, management, QoS, tunnelling, and routing protocols. The candidates are required to have an in-depth technical understanding of Network design principles, theory and design principles, and internetworking. The exam is for two hours, and it is important to clear the exam before getting the accompanying exam. The CCDE exam is 352-001 exam. The written exam has 100 questions.

CCDE practical exam

The CCDE exam module is divided into different percentages. These include:

  • Analyze Design Requirements 30%
  • Develop Network Designs 39%
  • Implement Network Design 13%
  • Validate and Optimize Network Design

The CCDE practical exam is an 8 hours-long exam. The candidates must pass the written exam to qualify for the practical exam.

Salary and scope of CCDE

People are always interested in knowing the salary of the CCDE. It is to be mentioned that the CCDE certification is one of the best and the most known certifications. This certification focuses on the design and analysis of the requirements and implementation. The candidates are more likely to have better job opportunities and pay scales. Know more about CCDE at this source.

Benefits of CCDE Certifications

The candidates can have several benefits from getting the certifications. The same is the case with CCDE Certifications.

  • It is to be mentioned that certified professionals are better than non-certified professionals.
  • Certifications improve the job opportunities for the candidates.
  • The certifications give more work opportunities to the candidates.
  • The certifications give higher salary opportunities to the candidates.

The bottom line

These are some of the most significant things you need to know about CCDE Certifications. These points are enough to conclude that CCDE Certifications are one of the most known certifications among people. These certifications are the worthiest certifications that a candidate can have. So the best the candidates should do is to become certified professionals. The candidates must try to get CCDE certifications and get more chances to make money.