How a Lift Kit Can Improve Your Off-Roading Excursions

Customizing your Jeep so it looks awesome on or off the road can be one of the best things about owning one. Before moving on to other customizing options, many owners decide on Jeep lift kits for their first-choice upgrade. It goes beyond the new look; a lift kit can be a major game-changer if you’re hoping for serious off-roading adventures. The increased height provided by a lift kit could also help you and your passengers deal with unexpected environmental conditions such as emergency driving during flood conditions.

Move Through Terrain Easier

Your Jeep comes out of the factory with some rugged parts and equipment, but if you’re looking to conquer particularly wild and rugged terrain, you’ll need to consider the issue of ground clearance. Your vehicle’s undercarriage parts, bumpers and exhaust system could otherwise suffer the kind of damage you’re better off avoiding. Bottoming out on rough terrain can also get you stuck in a situation you don’t want to be in.

Lifting up your Jeep enables you to increase your tire size. This could make a significant difference if your off-roading plans include slogging through mud or crawling over boulders. Choosing the right tires for the intended adventure does, however, involve some forethought. Sand and mud, for example, are best conquered by approaching each surface type with the most appropriate tire size and tread. Your wheel size, lug patterns and backspace distance can all come into play when choosing oversize tires. Check out a Jeep wheel specifications blog to find out what set-up works best with your rig.

Increased Visibility

Raising the height of your Jeep does more than let you look down on the other drivers sharing the road with you. You’ll also gain the off-road advantage of seeing ground obstacles ahead of you better than you would at your factory-set height. This can help you avoid terrain surprises. Off-roading can be an adventure, but you’ll want to avoid unexpected mishaps.

It’s to your advantage to have as much advance notice as possible concerning what’s coming up ahead. You’ll appreciate how a lift kit and larger tires provide additional time to decide on a strategy to clear an obstacle as you approach it. You get an improved perception of size and depth when you can see things from a higher angle. The added height can also enable other vehicles to have a clearer view of you while you approach them.

What Comes Next

Your lift kit upgrade will reward you with increased off-road excitement and a greater ability to overcome what the wild terrain throws at you. Bear in mind that the more advanced off-road adventures such as rock crawling or crossing high water demand specialized suspension upgrades.

Contact a Jeep Wrangler JL parts expert at a reputable online or local Jeep parts dealer to learn what works best for your intended off-road exploits. After you’ve given your vehicle the extra height and ground clearance you need, your next upgrade could include installing a step that lets you and your passengers enter and exit your vehicle comfortably.