Booster Fundraising Ideas For A Recession

Many booster club members are looking for fundraiser ideas as they get ready for the new school year. Unfortunately. many booster parents think about raising funds all year long. Steve a booster parent from Atlanta said, “We are always on the look out for booster fundraising ideas. If we don’t raise the funds we need our kids lose out.”

Now if this is the case during a booming economy… What about during a recession?

All around the country, parents, teachers, and coaches are concerned about this. After all inflation impacts every part of our life. With food pricing going up at the grocery store and gas prices at the pump there may not be much money left over at the end of the month. Or any money left over for that matter. Margie, a booster mom in Fayetteville said, “If inflation is hitting us hard personally… what about or donors and volunteers?”

Why do boosters need funding?

Simply put, school budget cuts mean there is no money for sports programs or band. As a result old band instruments may not be repaired or replaced. Or a school team that wins a local tournament may not be able to go because it cant afford to compete at the national level. Simply put, there will be a lot of kids that will be disappointed.

What then should a parent do? According to Joe Wolpin of, “Successful Booster club parents think like entrepreneurs. They always find a way to raise the money their club needs. Whether they are holding a bake sale or selling cookie dough they keep at it until they hit their fundraising goal. It is part the American dream. They keep at it until they succeed.”

So how do you fundraise during a recession?

There are countless ways to raise money for boosters from selling gift wrap to duct taping the principal to the cafeteria walls! Here are some helpful tips for fundraising with inflation:

  • Look for low cost items you can sell. Remember when people are stressed and anxious they will always buy things that make them feel better. So think about comfort foods— Popcorn, candy, chocolate and cookies.
  • Keep it as affordable as possible. There is less expendable money at the end of the month. There are many things you could sell for under $20.00
  • Make it fun. People are stressed and will always like some fun to make them not think about their stress for a while. So make your events enjoyable for your supporters, volunteers and donors!
  • Find a need in your community. Look for ways you can fill it with a low cost service or raffle. For instance in Orange county NY one fire department raffles off a cord of firewood each autumn. With rising fuel costs many people gladly donate $5 a raffle ticket to win the firewood. This idea can be adapted for anything in your community,

The lesson for booster clubs is simple. Inflation is here to stay for a while. Remember these tips and suggestions as you plan your next booster fundraiser. If you will, with a little hard work and persistence you will be sure to succeed and reach your fundraising goals.


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