U.S. Venture Global and Sinopec signed a 20-year LNG supply agreement-documents

According to a document published on the US Department of Energy website, US exporter Venture Global LNG has signed two 20-year agreements with Sinopec to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the Plaquemines plant to the latter. .
According to the document, the two transactions are purchase and sale agreements with a total size of 4 million tons per year. The document does not specify when these transactions will begin, but it adds that the agreement was signed last month.
According to another document published on the US government website, Venture Global has also signed a third agreement with Sinopec’s trading arm, United Petrochemical, to supply 1 million yuan from its Calcasieu Pass Facility to the latter from March 1, 2023. Tons of LNG for a period of three years.
Sinopec declined to comment. Venture Global could not be reached for comment because it was not during working hours in the United States.

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