The importance of the hashtag – with Liran Mizrahi

Liran Mizrahi is one of Israel’s top social media marketing minds, helping brands find success in the space. Liran is an Instagram expert with over 12 years of experience of active involvement in account management and Instagram marketing.

Like most of us, Liran Mizrahi opened her Instagram account as a simple photo sharing account. However, it wasn’t long before she started getting more interested and began connecting with people and collaborating with them on the site.

So we asked Mr. Mizrahi to tell us about the importance of the hashtag.
A hashtag is a way to group the contents of social networks (initially Twitter, today also Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google plus) by topic and allow users interested in a certain subject to quickly find online contributions related to it.

How it Works
When you publish a content, by inserting in the post an element consisting of the character “hashtag” (#) followed (without any spacing) by the topic of which is mainly spoken in that contribution, you make immediately available our intervention to those who, typing in the search string of the social network that hashtag (or clicking directly from a post), show interest in that specific topic and want to find all the information related to it.

Let’s see now how the hashtag can actually help our business
The proper use or even the creation of a hashtag of great interest helps us to increase our popularity, precisely because we have the opportunity to bring to the attention of the public interested in the type of product (or service) that we market the content we publish, even where the user does not directly know our business, brand or page.
The choice of the most suitable hashtag to reach the user base we are interested in will not go unnoticed, therefore it is advisable to spend some time typing the possible hypotheses in the search strings to verify their effectiveness in terms of diffusion of use (there are online lists to consult).

If we even want to invent a new hashtag, with the hope of making it grow and spread quickly enough to make it our distinctive feature, it is essential to study a formula that is as specific, relevant and direct as possible. We would like to point out that, if we want to create and publicize an initiative, a promotion, a targeted campaign, the invention of the right hashtag can be the discriminating factor between getting the event off the ground or letting it sink ignominiously. There are not many fixed rules, however, in the creation of a hashtag: simply type the hashtag and immediately after the concept you want to highlight.

Although recently we often see posts on the web “riddled” with more or less relevant hashtags, it is good to remember that the hashtag must remain an immediate and practical tool, it must not make posts too heavy (for example, on Twitter it is generally considered inappropriate to include more than 2 hashtags in a tweet) and above all it must be strictly relevant to the topic we propose, otherwise we will obtain a regrettable result, that is to say to annoy those who, performing a search and finding the link to our content, will find themselves annoyed to have to read something not at all interesting, simply because it is accompanied by an incorrect hashtag.
The hashtag is a powerful tool in our hands, an ally for our success and it is important to use it intelligently to achieve the results we have set for ourselves.
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