Spoiler Discord: All You Need to Know

Spoiler Discord

With Discord, you can send texts with emojis and send GIFs. However, as the servers crowded, they were attacked by scripts. And some of these documents contain game scams (or other items) that others may not want to know or read. But ignoring the robbers was not easy. As you scroll through miles and miles of text, your eyes will catch on ideas and dispel suspicions.

Thankfully, Discord came out with a complete solution. Now, if you share pirates or secrets, you can mark them as pirates. The result is a text that is sent but darkened. Curious users who are not afraid of pirates can view it. Others can enjoy there is no enjoyment

Spoiler Discord

How to Use Spoilers on Discord to Hide Text Messages?

And now we come to the point – how to make spoilers in Discord? However, there are two ways to do it. You can run on both and choose the one that suits you best. All the steps are easy to follow. Note that some are only available on the desktop.

Adding Spoiler Text Via Tag on Discord

We’ll start with the tag method. All you have to do is install the spoiler tag on Discord. Here is a quick summary of the steps –

  1. Open the Discord app and sign in using your personal information.
  2. Select a server from your server list or a friend from the Friends list.
  3. Type whatever you want to do in the dialog box.
  4. Now add ‘||’ symbols before and after the corrupted content. For example, it will look like this – Hey! This is a spoiler || spoiler warning ||
  5. Tap the access key to send and your spoiler is shipped without a hitch!

This applies to Discord desktop, browser, and mobile applications. This is similar to the universal way of hiding spoilers.

You can also add ‘/ spoiler’ before the destructive content. This is another way of ‘||’ adding to the beginning and the end.

Sending Spoiler Message with Mark as Spoiler icon

This alternative is much easier. This was the latest update to Discord that lets you add spoiler tags instantly. Here is your brief summary –

  1. Type the corrupted content in the dialog box.
  2. Select the text spoiler section (highlight it).
  3. On selection, a floating bar will appear. Click on the ‘eye’ symbol. then ‘||’ the marker will immediately match the selected text, and the selected message will be automatically corrupted.
  4. After you click the send button, the text will be sent to the server. Only people who wish to see the spoiler will click on it.

This option is only available in the Discord desktop application and browser version. For iOS, the steps are the same. The only difference is that you have to select the spoiler icon in the context menu.

How to Add Spoiler to Image and Video on Discord?

There are many situations where a Discord spoiler can come in handy. As you probably know Discord is very popular and its flexibility makes it a favorite among players. You can connect with your friends using multiple devices with one account.

Like text, even photos, videos, and other attachments can be marked as wasteful. The process of marking photos and videos as robbers differs slightly from that of text. So, how do you add spoiler tags to other files? Here is a summary.

Photos can be marked as predators before you upload them to servers. Adding spoiler tags to photos –

  • Open Discord on your desktop or browser application.
  • Select the photo or video you want to send to the server.
  • Drag it to your server dialog and place it there.
  • Next, press the ‘+’ button.
  • In the options that appear, select ‘Mark as Spoiler.’
  • Click the Upload button.
  • The result is a blurred image sent to the server. Anyone who wishes to view the photo can touch it.

Note that hijackers containing images, videos, or other multimedia files can only be sent to a desktop application or browser. Mobile applications do not support the corruption of images or other media files.

Is it the same to use Spoiler on Mobile devices?

Discord mobile spoiler marker works the same way on mobile applications. The process is almost the same. Here is a quick summary of the steps –

  1. Type the spoiler text.
  2. Add ‘||’ symbols to the beginning and end of the text you want to hide.
  3. Click the send button, and your spoiler text will cover.
  4. Only those who want to know can tap and see your offending documents.

You can even mark embedded links as hijackers in the same process. But this does not apply to Discord server links. Additionally, you cannot add spoiler tags to photos, videos, and other files from the mobile app.

With iOS, you can select and highlight the text you want to hide. Then, click the Open Content menu and click on ‘Mark As Spoiler’ to hide the text.

How to turn off the Spoiler tag?

For some reason, you may want to remove the spoiler tag from the spoiler text. If so, open User Settings and press Text & Pictures. Scroll down to the Spoiler Content tab and you will see options to control when corrupted content is displayed. You can choose to display by click, on the servers I manage, and so on.

If you want to show all the corrupted content, select Always to close the spoiler tag. You can also hide them with the same menu if you change your mind.

This was an article on how to use the Discord spoiler tag to hide texts, photos, and videos. You can undo and redo tags as many times as you like. If you are about to reveal a life-changing secret to your Discord server, do not forget to add that spoiler tag.


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