Marriott International’s Long-Term Senior Executive Dave Grissen Retires

Marriot International has announced that the company’s long-term Senior Executive Dave Grissen has decided to retire from the post of Group President. Dave Grissen has served the organization for over 36 years and is due to retire in the first quarter of 2021.

Dave Grissen was also leading the company’s US business for the past 11 years that consists of a workforce of 160,000 people and more than 5,640 employees across the country. Dave Grissen has been phenomenal for the organizations’ growth as the company asserts has considerably grown from 2,928 hotels to 5,640 till date and with over 1,800 hotel acquisition processes in the pipeline. Furthermore, Dave Grissen was also responsible for the company’s most luxury brands known and EDITION.

Marriott International is basically a US-based leading chain of Luxury Hotels operating in 130 countries across the globe,

Chief Executive Officer and President of Marriott International, Arne Sorenson said, “It’s hard for me to picture a Marriott without Dave Grissen, someone who has been such an integral part of this company for so long. Dave is the consummate strategist with the mind of an operator.”

“He is as equally skilled at driving successful implementation as he is at looking over the horizon to identify that next, new idea. Perhaps his most important legacy is the work he has done to champion leadership training and the impact that had developing new leaders and driving performance at our hotels across the region. We will certainly miss Dave, but I know that the next phase of his life will be as dynamic and meaningful as his extraordinary tenure here at Marriott,” Sorenson further added.

“Dave and I started talking about his potential retirement last year, and we knew we would need time to prepare for transition. Dave will be fully engaged with us until he steps out of his current role, which allows us to begin the work necessary to be able to fill the void he will leave,” Sorenson continued.

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