Is it safe to hike Table Mountain/Lion’s Head Alone?

Hiking of Lion’s Head Mountain and Table Mountain is world-renowned and people from all over the world come to the city to enjoy themselves in the picturesque mountains. 


Common mistake

Many people, commonly the locals, tend to hike the mountains all alone.

Hiking alone gives you liberty from all types of controls. You are the only one who is calling the shots. 

You can choose your time of hiking and stay at a certain point for as long as your heart feels content. 

This liberty of hiking alone can possibly make your Lion’s Head Mountain or Table Mountain an exception.


The risk involves

However, if you consider all the points pertaining to the hike of Table Mountain or Lion’s Head Mountain, you will reach the conclusion that it is unsafe to go for such a hike alone.


Hiking with a guide

Hiking is a wonderful way to interact with nature and attain physical and mental therapy. However, the hiking trail also includes rocky, tough, and steep patches where you can sustain some kind of injury. 


Hiking with a professional tour guide also guarantees special attention in case of any untoward situation like this. On the contrary, if you choose to hike Lion’s Head Mountain or Table Mountain alone, there is always a chance that you might get into trouble as you will have no one to help you out in case of injury.


Lion’s Head Hike is a time-specific hike. The best targets to reach the top are either the sunset or sunrise. This means that you have to schedule everything for your hike. 


Going alone, you may miss the best time to be there at the top, as the lack of guidance can cause unnecessary delays during the hike. Therefore, it is always best to plan your hiking trip with a reputed hiking company like Muki Venture.


Moreover, if you are planning on a Lion’s Head or Table Mountain hike, you must know that the trails have some tough and steep patches that are hard to cover and you will need the help of ladders to climb up. Going alone, especially if you are not an expert in hiking, is a dangerous way of handling things.


Furthermore, you may become disoriented along the way. A hiking tour guide is aware of all the possible vulnerabilities in the mountains. As a result, your safety is ensured in a far better manner.


Being alone means having to carry all the weight alone. You can get tired early. Instead of making your hike a trip of joy, this can potentially turn it into a tiring expedition that you’d want to end soon.


Lastly, hiking alone can be a boring trip for you if you are a social person. The real fun and memories form when you share this happiness with your friends and other people on the hike.



If you are in Cape Town and looking to hike Lion’s head mountain or Table Mountain, Muki venture is a reliable name to make your hiking trip even more amazing under the guidance of n expert tour guide. 

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