Illinois Bankers Association Announces Scholarship Recipients

Illinois Bankers Association has announced that the Bank has awarded the Scholarship to four students via Illinois Bankers Scholarship Fund (IBSF). The fund was established by the Illinois Bankers Association back in 2109 under the recommendation of Illinois Bankers Scholarship Committee.

The Illinois Bankers Scholarship Fund (IBSF) provides the scholarship to the students of the college seeking to advance their career in the financial services industry. The company has further added that this is the first year that the IBSF has awarded the scholarship to four students.

Scholarship Recipient Number 1, Drew Broge said, “It has truly been a blessing to grow within Forreston State Bank for numerous reasons (including) the leaders who allow me to get involved and gain responsibilities, build relationships and aid customers to reach financial goals. (The scholarship would) help me achieve my goals of entering the banking industry and making a difference in the lives of my peers, customers and the industry.”

Scholar Recipient Number 2, Kylie Ernsting said, “I’ve found learning the functions of the bank day to day to be very interesting, and I’m always excited to learn more and find ways to improve our customer relations. I’d love to further my career in banking and learn more about the functions of the bank.”

Scholarship Recipient Number 3, Nicole Filip said, “As an employee of BeeSocial, a social media marketing business designed for community banks, I see a need for bringing awareness to all that community banks do… I intend to pursue two majors: Finance and Digital and Social Media Business Applications with a minor in Spanish. I can think of no better way to strengthen my knowledge of what I have learned and loved on the job.”

Scholarship Number 4, Melissa Saputo said, “I’m pursuing a career in the financial industry because I enjoy being in a fast-paced environment, and in this industry, I can never stop learning. I am interested in accounting specifically because I love working with numbers, as well as using critical thinking to find ways to cut costs and increase revenues.”

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