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No one can deny that Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. While it is true that other methods like TikTok or ClubHouse, the popular Facebook-hosted app is an amazing success.

Proof of this is the tens of millions of users who log into this social media site every day to see the different publications of the people who follow them. Also, one of the most interesting things this app offers is that it is possible to connect with others through a different touch.

And one of the most popular is the popular Instagram Like. A heart-shaped symbol that is responsible for making it clear that a particular book is of interest to us. The problem is that sometimes app updates do not fit well with this social network. And so you can also use Instagram post generator to make your post easily.

How to

How to Check out your favourite Instagram posts

To see your favourite posts on Instagram, you want to open the menu for your profile and faucet in your hobby .

After you have tapped Your interest, tap on Interactions and tap on Likes .

Now, you will be capable of seeing all the posts you want on Instagram.

Within the beyond, your interactions will be located on your settings.

Beginning in early 2022, you have to navigate on your hobby to peer your favoured posts.

This transformation has been made by Instagram without a previous word.

Therefore, many customers find it tough to discover the posts they like.

How to See your liked posts on Instagram:

1. Open the menu

The first step is to open the Instagram app and sign up in your account.

sadly, you’ll not be capable of seeing the posts you want on the laptop model of Instagram.

That is because Instagram pc does not have that characteristic.

when you’re in the Instagram app, tap on the profile icon in the bottom navigation bar.

Now, tap on the menu icon on your Instagram profile to open the menu.

2. Tap on Your activity

After tapping the menu icon, the menu will open.

The menu carries a couple of alternatives consisting of Settings , Your pastime , Archive and extra.

In the beyond, Your hobby was no longer an option within the menu.

In early 2022, Instagram added the choice to the menu.

Any longer, to peer at the posts you like on Instagram, you need to get an entry to Your pastime.

Faucet in your hobby to look your hobby on Instagram.

3. Tap on Interactions

After you’ve tapped Your activity you may land on Your activity .

On the web page, you may manipulate your activity.

This includes reviewing and coping with your images, videos, account, and pastime on Instagram.

You may additionally see how lengthy you spent at the app, your interactions, recent searches, and greater.

To get started out, tap on Interactions to study and eliminate likes, feedback, and other interactions.

4. Select Likes

After you have got tapped on Interactions you may land on the Interactions.

The web page contains three alternatives consisting of comments , Likes and story replies.

you could overview and control each and each interplay.

As you’re trying to find and view the posts you like on Instagram, faucet on Likes.

5. See your favourite posts on Instagram

After you’ve got tapped Likes you may be able to see a grid list of your favoured posts.

By using default, the posts you want are taken care of from latest to oldest.

This means that you may see the posts you have got currently preferred on the top of the page.

Alternatively, you’ll see the posts you’ve got favoured within the beyond at the bottom of the page.

If you need to peer at the first put up you appreciated on Instagram, you could sort the posts from oldest to newest.

To achieve this, tap type & clear out tap sort by using faucet Oldest to latest and faucet apply.

You may also kind the start and cease dates in case you’re searching for a post you preferred in a particular period.

How to find your favourite posts on Instagram PC

You can’t find your favoured posts on Instagram pc.

That is due to the fact there isn’t always a feature to check your pastime at the laptop model of Instagram.

you could simplest alternate basic settings, like allowing or disabling push notifications.

If you need to find the posts you want, you should use the Instagram cellular app instead.

In the Instagram mobile app, visit your profile > Menu > Your interest > Interactions > Likes.


From time to time, Instagram changes the location of sure settings.

In early 2022, Instagram moved the place of your preferred posts in your hobby .

As a result, you will now not be capable of discovering the posts you like for your settings.

Many customers have been unable to locate their favoured posts due to this variation.

Your hobby function is discovered when you tap the menu icon on your Instagram profile.

In case you’ve been often having access to your favoured posts through your settings, this modification might also take some getting used to.


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