Fariba Rahimi, Iranian Actress, Model and Entrepreneur says having a career mentor is a must today

Navigating and maneuvering a business in today’s environment is challenging and it is more important than ever to have a career mentor today, says Fariba Rahimi, Iranian actress, model and entrepreneur. 

We all know Fariba Rahimi as the famous Iranian model and actress appearing in multiple magazine covers and news articles. But little do people know about Fariba’s inclination towards the business sector and her interests in building a business empire. Fariba Rahimi is not just a popular model and actress, but also the CEO of two successful businesses in Norway and a member of the Forbes Business Council. So what made her reach this height of success in the business world? 

She says, “I have been a business woman long before I was a top model. I have been through all of the struggles that an entrepreneur goes through. I know exactly what problems entrepreneurs face in the beginning of their career because I’ve been there, done that. And I empathize with people who work 3 or 4 jobs at a time to build their dream careers but somehow get steered into a different direction due to some problems. What they need at that time is a mentor who brings them back to the right track. Today, it is much simpler to have a mentor than it was when I was beginning my career”. 

“If a struggling entrepreneur came up to me today to get a sense of direction, I would happily share my experience with them and steer them into the right direction because in that person, I would see myself from 20 years back, a struggling entrepreneur in the same situation as he is today. I will do my bit to make their dream careers come true”, says Fariba.

Fariba Rahimi, Iranian Actress, Model and Entrepreneur says having a career mentor is a must today

What Makes a Good Mentee? 

Fariba Rahimi says that good mentors instantly recognize a good mentee. “A good mentee is keen on improvement and knows their potential since the beginning. They dream big and stay tenacious to achieve those dreams. Such people have a whole different level of energy around them, as if they want to make a good change in the world. They are never afraid of risks and will say yes to every challenge they encounter”, says Fariba. 

What Difference Does a Mentor Make?

“There comes a point in your career where everything stands still. Your progress stalls. That is the perfect time to look up to a mentor because they will tell you exactly what you need to do at that point. They will tell you to take on opportunities that otherwise you would not have. But trust in them and do it because you need to come out of your comfort zone in order to progress. You need to do things that you don’t like in order to push your boundaries. And today, more than ever, you need mentors to help you come out of the volatility of the business environment”, says Fariba. 

Fariba Rahimi has always kept herself close to the business community and regularly follows the World Economic Forum to stay informed. As a successful business woman, she has been inspiring people through her insightful experiences. We wish Fariba good luck to all of her future business endeavors. 

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