Esteban Jimenez Advice On Business Success From Startup

There is no “secret formula” for business success, each founder has their own set of values ​​according to their knowledge, values, ​​and principles. But the question is: do these methods have anything in common? The answer is yes, there are some common elements that generally motivate builders and allow them to grow and sustain over time.

Esteban Jimenez is the founder and CEO of ForceMotorsport.. Here he tells us what he must do to create two companies, one foreign in the United States, and what he would describe as his “secret formula,” how to keep it going and grow over time.

First, according to Esteban, there should always be a motivation that pushes you to start, move on and complete the project. “The first thing I do when I want to start my own business is to find my motivation and find it, something that is far beyond money, something that lives on me and I feel full of gratitude. In my case, my family is so excited. Thank you. All I have means everything to me and for her, I decided to start a business at a very young age. He pushes me to devote myself and develop my love, which is also my greatest gift. Money is not a motivation, if you think about it, you will fail. Money is the result of hard work. ”

Second, you need to decide if you want to share ideas and visions with others or if you want to work alone. “You need to explain your ideas that you have and decide what is best for your business, whether you share your ideas or just work on your own ideas, and it depends on your preferences. You for the future of your business. I decided I want to work alone on an idea I had for my business. Cooperation is always necessary for success, but the vision is the same.

Third, there are clear goals that you can use to create an action plan that addresses them. “My main goal has always been to create something new that attracts attention in different markets, develops and continues to create new products. That has always been my ultimate goal, but of course more goals are added in the process, but always to achieve that end and main The approach may vary, but the goal must always be to find the ultimate cause. ”

He also added that nowadays you need to know more and be aware of social media and use them well to have a greater reach. “I always use Instagram, which is the main social media of my two companies, but I also use Facebook and the companies’ websites because they are generally more widely used in countries like the United States. Social media should also be tools in our time, because they offer many tools to approach potential customers in a natural and dynamic way.

As a last resort, loyalty to your values. “In my case, moving forward with fear and risk has taught me that there are certain risks that are necessary for growth in my personal and professional life. You can always learn from the risks, and that can be beneficial.” Future. There is fear, but you must control it and make your desires even greater than they are. “

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