Elliott Owen Lipinsky talks about his success story as an attorney and an author

Elliott Owen Lipinsky
Elliott Owen Lipinsky

After a well etched out legal career since 2013, in Selma Alabama, attorney Elliott Owen Lipinsky decided to take up writing and author a fun book for children. He talks about both these successful ventures.

Please tell us about your legal journey so far.

Alabama has always been home to me. I studied from the University of Alabama, and then set up my legal practice in Selma, Alabama in 2013. My firm, the Law offices Of Elliott Owen Lipinsky, has since then created a good reputation with a loyal and satisfied customer base. My team and I handle representation both personal and criminal. Our expertise also lies in advising clients on corporate law in the Montgomery area. Our company does not practice any disparity and we cater to all sizes of clients small, medium and big. As a team we deliver innovative solutions and are well equipped to handle high profile cases. We have a proven success track record of handling tax law too.  Our consultations are in two different brackets – free and chargeable and clients can opt for the one that suits their needs.

Elliott Owen Lipinsky
Elliott Owen Lipinsky

How did you decide to become an author and tell us about that journey?

Although I deal with a world of facts and figures that is totally rooted in the real world, I decided to journey into a realm of fun and imagination. This is how I decide to write a fun book for children. My vision then shaped up into the interesting booktitled “Space Pup & the Fantastic Adventures of the Fearless, Handsome & Brilliant Commander Elrod Cannon & His Loving Happy Normal Human Family and Earth Cat Sprocket.” This book is written keeping the readers in the age group of 3 – 18 in mind and is well illustrated. My wife C.N. (Caroline) Lipinsky and Alina Miller have jointly helped me with the illustrations. This book documents the story of a pup from space discovered by an astronaut who brings him to his family on earth. I am so happy that this book has met with success.

I am grateful for all the appreciation and support showered on me by my clients in my legal profession and my readers who have accepted and made me a successful debut author.

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