Adient Offers 500 Million USD Of Senior Secured Notes Due 2025

Adient, a pioneer in automotive seating, has announced on Monday that its subsidiary Adient US LLC to offer 500 Million USD amount of Senior Secured Notes due 2025 in private offering. According to the PR News Wire News Agency, the company has announced the decision to make available the sufficient funds in hand to run company operations and to fulfill other corporate businesses.

The company will offer the notes in a private transaction in an exemption from the basic requirements of Securities Act of 1933.

It is important to note that the press release issued by the company does not constitute an offer to sell the senior notes or any of the securities in any jurisdiction.

About Adient:

Adient is basically a pioneer in automotive seating. The company operates 220 manufacturing plants in 34 countries across the globe. The company manufacture and produces automotive seating for all the major Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs). The company manufacture and offers the complete seating system as well as the individual seating components. The in-house skills of the company allow the company to perform extensive research and engineering to incorporate seating to more than 23 million vehicles per year.

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