A Health Insurance policy has many benefits

Health Insurance

It is difficult to see the benefits of health insurance until the time you need it and it is often too late to hire it because of the grace period.
However, even with Public Health quality, having private health insurance has many benefits. You may have thought about some of them many times, but there are some that will surprise you.

Health Insurance

1. Free choice of medical centre and specialist

This is one of the main benefits of private health insurance. When you take out health insurance, you can choose the institution you want to go to and, when the time comes, the specialist you want to see.

In fact, medical charts are one of the most important options for health insurance. For Public Health, the provided facility will remain nearby. Private insurance allows you to choose the hospital you want and the doctors and specialists who care for the primary caregiver.

2. Fewer paperwork and steps to receiving care

To get to a Public Health Specialist, you should first consult a family doctor, who will decide whether to refer you to a specialist. Private insurance eliminates this step. You can go directly to the specialist you are looking for and opt out of other papers or wait.

The result is that you will get the treatment you need soon, the benefit of private insurance that you will not get from Public Health.

3. Reduced wait times

In line with the previous benefits of medical insurance, one of the most important benefits is a reduction in waiting times and a list of diagnostic tests and results.
Average wait time to get tested and get the result 8 days out of 47 days of public health.

An excellent example of this private insurance benefit is children’s health. As a parent, it is only natural to become upset when your child becomes ill, especially when you do not fully understand what is wrong and cannot explain it. With health insurance do not forget about waiting lists for a paediatrician. Your little one will always be visible as soon as you can.

Children are one of the reasons for having health insurance and their birth is one of the reasons and times when they usually have a contract.

This speed also applies to emergency services, which with private health insurance is much faster, which is what you want when you go to them.

4. Flexibility in time

To visit your public health doctor and even a specialist, you will need to ask in the morning not to work even all day.

Private health insurance schedules are broad and flexible. You can leave after work or miss just a few hours. In addition, often no annoying wait will be noticed because they give extra time to each patient.

5. Newest medical treatments

Private health care is always at the forefront of treatment and treatment options. In addition, you will have many different options when choosing the treatment you need and other compatible treatments.

In fact, you will always be able to ask for a second medical opinion whenever you need it. In this way you can ensure that the treatment is best for your illness.

6. Improved hospital comfort

Your larger room is more private, with no friends and more flexibility to visit. This added comfort is one of the many reasons why taking out health insurance is one of the great benefits of health insurance.

7. You are paid for international travel

When you are on vacation or traveling, you just want to have fun and not worry about hospitals or emergencies, even if you have a problem. With medical insurance you will have proper care while on vacation, in Spain and abroad, through travel assistance.

With Aegon insurance you can go to any integrated facility, wherever you are. If you go abroad, you will also be covered within the policy limits, which can even save you travel insurance.

8. Routine check-ups and prevention

There are age-appropriate medical examinations and recommended annual examinations.
Public health includes only part of these tests. If you want to have a blood test every year, public health will not include you, because it is only done at a certain age. The same thing happens with a visit to a gynaecologist, which in public health is limited at certain times depending on your age and pregnancy.

With private health insurance you will not have these limitations. You can get the test you need, if you need it. Because of these preventive measures, it is possible to diagnose health problems early and anticipate them.

9. Dental care

The provision of public health teeth is limited. Exit is covered, but if you need something else, public health may not go the way you want it to. If you have a private health policy, you already have access to other services and discounts for dental interventions. Additionally, there is dental protection among many private health insurance policies that cover resources such as cleaning, refinement, wrapping or X-rays.

10. 24-hour medical help

With Aegon you will have the medical help you have 24 hours a day, whenever you need it. This benefit of medical insurance translates peace of mind that you can resolve any medical questions at any time without having to go to the hospital. This will save a lot of time and nerves.

11. You can select the type of insurance you want

There are more than one type of health insurance and different methods that suit your needs. So, you can choose between insurance with an open medical directory, where you can choose the specialist you want; with a closed medical chart and refund, where you can go to any doctor but you will need to upgrade the money if it is not within the medical charter of the insured person; or external or internal medical insurance. This last method is cheaper, but unlike medical insurance other than copay, for this type of insurance you will have to pay a certain amount each time using the insurance.

Most importantly you get advice and choose the option that suits your needs.

12. It relates to public health

It is common to think of black and white and forget that private health insurance does not exclude the use of public health. You can enjoy the benefits of private health insurance and go to public health when you see fit.

These are the top 12 reasons for buying health insurance, but there are others. Private health care, such as Aegon’s, offers other types of benefits such as: video consultation, help with fast channels like whatsapp, etc.






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