When is the best time to renew your smartphone

Sooner or later, one must face the process of renewing his old mobile phone and getting a new one. The reasons can be several, from the fact that your terminal can no longer cover your basic needs, through a significant drop in performance or a fault that has left it unusable. The most advisable thing is to be warned before any of these situations happens and to be prepared for them. Here the question that many ask is when is the best time to renew the terminal. Throughout our post today, we will try to answer these questions.

Smartphone generation and time

When we talk about generation we are referring to the place that the terminal occupies at the moment in which we are going to make the purchase. In this sense, it is important to focus on three key points:

  • The age of the chosen model, that is, its release date.
  • The time remaining for his generational successor to reach the market.
  • The useful life that we can expect from the smartphone that we are going to buy.

In this sense, buying a model that is a few years old can mean significant savings, but it can also mean that it has reached the end of its update cycle, so security will be affected. On the other hand, a model that has just been released on the market will entail a higher outlay, but this will mean being able to enjoy its entire cycle of support and updates.

Our recommendation is that you wait a reasonable time waiting for the new models to drop in price after a few months, in addition to trusting brands that offer a long update cycle, for example the huawei y6p model .

Personal needings

The needs that we may have is another of the key points when determining the best time to acquire a new terminal. In this case, the first thing we must know are our needs in order to be right with the choice of the device that allows us to carry out our daily tasks.

We must not forget that today, smartphones have become essential elements for most users, since in addition to being communicated, they allow us to carry out all kinds of actions from them, such as making bank transactions or sending emails. from work.

If we see that with our current terminal we can still do these things, perhaps we can stretch it a little further in time while waiting to get a better model.

Device update

In this section, when we talk about updating the device, we are referring to whether the change will be a major update compared to the model we currently have. Keep in mind that when a phone change is going to be made, it is because we are looking for a notable improvement. To stay as we were, or even lower benefits, it is better not to make any changes.

Keep in mind our budget for the change

Last, but not least, is to take into account the budget we manage. In the end, money will be the one that marks the limit between the models that we can acquire and those that we cannot.

This budget will help us determine the range, the configuration of the mobile and the benefits. Of course, the higher the budget, the better smartphones we can access.

Although throughout our publication we have given some indications about when the best time for the change would be, in the end it is one who has to decide whether to change it or continue with it for a while longer. Sometimes, an early renewal can avoid a multitude of unwanted problems.

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