What’s an IP logger?

IP logger

An IP logger, in simple words is a web service in order to facilitate logging and collecting statistics for one’s blog, websites of for various other forums. By using IP logger one can collect information on any internet IP address that visits one’s website. It is a website that works like a short-url service so that you click the link and then it forwards to another website. This is used to collect the IP address of another user you send the link in order to determine where they live or what kind of device they use.


The internet is a considerable phenomenon in today’s world and an IP address allows the computer to associate with other devices over the internet. Let’s take an example to understand this phenomenon. Earlier, people were accustomed to rely on the postman to send letters or information from one place to another or from one person to the other. So, the street address helped them encounter the exact location. In the same manner the IP address allows the web to find the device among the billions of other connected to it. IP address can be:

  • Static
  • Dynamic

When a device is entrust with static IP address, the address does not change. However, some devices are assigned a dynamic IP address which can change overtime.

How to use an IP logger?

It is very easy to trace one’s location by using an IP logger. You are required to follow following steps in order to access IP address:

  • Firstly you will have to open your browser and visit  www.iplogger.com
  • In the box written “enter any URL”, put the link of the webpage which u will send the person to track his IP.
  • You can use link of any meme, picture or your YouTube video link.
  • After pasting the link, click on “get logger code”.
  • A new link will appear.
  • Now send this IP logger link to your friend via WhatsApp, Facebook, Email or any other forum.
  • Finally click on “Logged IP’s” tab to see the statistics of all clicks on your short IP logger link. You will get to know about all the users who clicked on your link.

Capabilities of IP logger:

With IP logger one can find someone’s

  • Country
  • Region
  • City
  • Host name
  • Host status
  • Server status
  • Device identification, etc.

All this information is provided based on the visitor’s IP address.


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