What are the most valuable technology brands today?

In advertising there is the concept of top of mind , which refers to the brand or product that comes to mind when the consumer thinks of a specific industry, product or category of products. Therefore, it will most likely be the one you buy first.

In this sense, the Global 500 2022 Ranking of Brand Finance has recently been published , the independent brand valuation consultancy that complies with ISO 10668 and ISO 20671 on the matter and brings together the 500 most valuable brands worldwide since 2007. And since in this blog we deal with technological issues, what less than to reveal the top 5 of the brands in this report, with up to four technology firms. Of the so-called big tech , only Facebook (now Meta) remains outside the top positions, occupying fifth place. And what are the best valued brands? Here’s a brief overview:

  1. Manzana

The apple company, located in Cupertino (California), leads this list, surpassing up to 499 companies from different sectors. Since the death of Steve Jobs, in 2011, with the replacement of Tim Cook as CEO, doubts have arisen about the future of Apple. Seen what has been seen, and adding its latest sales record , in technology they have reason to smile.

  1. amazon

The giant United States distributor, which with the replacement of Andy Jassy by founder Jeff Bezos entered a new stage, continues to remain in second place for another year. It is difficult to meet someone who has not ordered or received a product through this American company, which continues to grow throughout the world.

  1. Google

There are other search engines on the Internet, it is true, but who has not been saved by Google at some point of ignorance? Whether for the information it provides in seconds, its maps, translator, books, photos, YouTube… In short, a very reliable brand that remains one of the most valuable and it seems that it will continue to rise for a long time.

  1. microsoft

The computer world could not be understood without the company founded by the billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates. Before Apple was really competitive, most desktops and laptops had this operating system. In addition, the technology company carried out its star operation in the world of video games a few weeks ago.

  1. Walmart

And to close the list of the 5 most valuable firms globally, we have the largest supermarket chain in the United States. It climbs one position compared to last year and continues to be a reference in terms of American commerce, with an assortment of more than 50,000 products.

Most important Spanish technology companies

And outside this list, the Basque company  Ibermática and the GMV  consultancy  , located in Madrid, form part of the top 10 technology companies of Spanish origin in the ICT sector.

Other Spanish brand organizations such as  Depau Sistemas, Inforpor, Globomatik, DMI Computer, Verne Group and VASS  are positioned among the 50 leading companies in the ICT market in Spain at an international level.

Do you expect many changes or any emerging company in the ranking ? We will see how the current pandemic situation progresses and how brands adapt to their stakeholders to assess their corporate value.

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