The evo2 crane hook

In any job, safety comes first. This is even more important when working with moving heavy weights by means of a crane, where any mistake when hooking the merchandise can lead to a tragic accident. To avoid all this, it is important to have a hook that provides safety to the worker, and that he has the peace of mind that he will hardly be able to suffer an accident. In this sense, the Evo2 crane hook designed by the company Elebia has been standing out as one of the best options on the market, even surpassing hooks designed by the same company. If you want to know more about him, keep reading because we will tell you everything below.

What is the Elebia evo2 hook?

The Elebia Evo2 model is an automatic hook that stands out for being lighter and more compact than other automatic hooks, but without affecting its performance and versatility. Specifically, the weight of this hook is 7 kg, being able to support a load of up to 2,500 kg. In addition to a lighter design, the Evo2 crane hook is characterized by the use of modern technology for its operation, which facilitates the anchoring of the load, while offering greater safety.

To offer greater ease of anchoring, the hook makes use of a magnetic field that is responsible for attracting, centering and orienting the ring or sling. This is of great comfort to the operator since he will only have to activate the coupling option by means of a button.

We have also commented that it offers greater security, this being possible thanks to the fact that the hook can be used from a distance, that is, it is not necessary for the operator to approach the merchandise that must be hooked, which translates into a significant reduction in the risks of an accident.

Main features of the Evo2 crane hook

Let’s see below what are the main characteristics of the Evo2 crane hook and what allows it to outperform other similar hooks.

Smaller size and weight

The first thing we will realize when we see this hook is that it is a more compact and lighter model, but do not be fooled by its appearance, because being so compact it allows you to move very heavy loads more easily and efficiently.

More efficient battery

Another of its most important features is its battery, since it offers a performance of a week of work and in just three hours it is charged. In this way we ensure that it is available for as long as possible, without having to be constantly aware of it.

Protected engine

The new evo2 automatic crane hook has the motor protected by a clutch. Thanks to this innovation, the impacts it receives will not affect the motor, extending its useful life, ensuring that it will always work like the first day.

Failsafe system

Finally, it should be noted that it has a failsafe system that guarantees that the load cannot fall while it is suspended in the air. It will only be possible to release the load once it is properly placed on the ground.

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