Snapchat Streak Lost: How to Restore It?


Snapchat is one of the most popular social networking sites out there. This forum allows you to send photos and messages to your friends, family and loved ones. Among the many features that Snapchat offers to the user, Snapstreaks is probably the most fun. If you hit a streak with your friend but lost for some reason, this article will help you regain the series and move on.

Taking a Snapstreak with your Snapchat friend can be a rewarding experience and help you stay connected. It also serves as an indication of your friendly obligations on the platform. If you are new to Snapstreaks, let’s take a look at what it is, how to check that you have something in sequence, and how to get it back.


What are Snapstreaks?

If you use Snapchat, you can chat with your friends by texting or exchanging photos and videos, called snaps. If you continue to share photos with one or more of your regular contacts, you will automatically start the series.

Basically, Snapchat displays an emoji next to your username that indicates how long you have been in distress. Displays different emoji based on your series status. To start Snapstreak, you and your contact will need to photograph each day for three consecutive days.

To check if you have already started playing, check out the llama emoji next to your friend and username. The hourglass emoji will appear next to your username when the series is about to end. There will also be a number next to the emoji that indicates the number of days you have automatically exchanged.

Snapchat streak rules

The snap count continues as you and your friend send photos within a 24-hour period. And with Snaps, we mean to take a photo / video and send it to someone.

Please note that the items listed below do not include Snapstreak Snap –

Chat or send stickers

Selected photos / videos from memories or camera roll

Content Posted Through Mirrors

Continue in groups

While you will probably see different emoji as you continue your Snapstreak for months to come, the important thing to remember is the hourglass emoji (⌛️) next to the person’s name. This means that your Snapchat Streak with them is about to expire. If so, send a summary or ask someone to send you a summary.

How to Restore Lost Snapchat Streaks?

Although Snapchat reminds you when a streak is about to break, sometimes you can’t help it. And if it breaks, the normal process is to create a streak from the beginning.

But if the loss of Snapchat means a lot to you, there is a way to get it back. You can start the Snapchat recovery process by following the steps mentioned below:

snapchat returns strokes

  1. Go to the Snapchat support page.
  2. Click Contact Us.
  3. Select “My Snapstreaks Disappeared” in the How We Can Help section.
  4. Complete the Snapstreak questionnaire.
  5. Click Submit.

For questions, try to be as accurate as possible, from typing a specific username to filling in the exact Snap Streak value. It’s okay to set a limited value if you don’t remember it, but it should not be too far from the first number.

snapchat loss series

In the question “What information should we know?”, You can explain the reason for the loss of the streak. Of course, you can cook something like the internet connection failed or the app did not work. The purpose here is to make Snapchat think it’s a real crime.

But you should not make this a habit and use it only in extreme cases. Snapchat may reject more than two applications. Also, Snapchat will probably also win your Snapchat for losing a streak with one person, unless you have a legitimate case, so go for a longer one.

How to make the streak continue?

Keep posting pictures! This may seem like a bad idea, but this is what users often forget to do, in an effort to post a “complete” picture.

Too often, Snapchat users wait for the right setting, the right clothes, and the right makeup, and then forget to post a photo later in the day. you finally lost the snapchat series. The trick is to keep sending summaries, even if you have to click on the ceiling fan.

So, this was how users could get their Snap Streak and keep the symbol of their friendship relationship alive.

Is Snapchat losing a streak? Here’s how to restore the First one from Fossbytes.


Snapstreaks are often seen as a numerical confirmation of your commitment to the social media platform. The longer you go on, the more proud you become. The rules for starting Snapstreak and keeping them are very simple. However, sometimes life can interfere with the daily use of Snapchat. In these cases, you do not need to stop your streak. Use the simple steps outlined above to restore your streak and continue it without fail in the future.


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