Shift, the best solution for efficient account and app management

Today it is common to work with a multitude of different accounts, applications and various software throughout our day. Among all of them are the different social networks that we manage, the email accounts to send emails, CRM’s control or the optimization of ad campaigns. In the end, all this means having an infinite number of tabs open that are very complicated to manage, which translates into a waste of time. Fortunately, there are solutions that help reduce this problem. This is the case of Shift , a software that consists of a desktop application that allows a more optimized management of all your accounts, applications and other things that you use regularly in your workplace.

What is Shift?

The question that many of you will be doing is what is Shift. It can be seen as a desktop tool that we can find for both Windows, Mac and Linux and that has been developed to be able to manage several user accounts and online apps from a single window. Thanks to Shift, switching between accounts will be as easy as clicking on the corresponding icon, forgetting about having to log out to open another account.

Thanks to Shift, users will be able to easily navigate between different work tools through an intuitive side menu . Best of all, it’s compatible with hundreds of applications that can be incorporated into Shift to increase productivity. Among all of them we find Dropbox, Google Drive, WhatsApp, Canva, Gmail or Outlook, to name just a few examples.

Thanks to Shift, it will be possible to be working with a certain tool and receive notifications when we receive emails or WhatsApp messages.

One window, all your accounts

As we have already mentioned, the application will show us a window with a menu on the left side, where all our accounts that we want to start will be , each one of them with a different appearance to know which one corresponds to each one of them.

For example, if we start with a Google account, in the upper right corner we will see the applications that are related to that account, for example Gmail, Drive or Calendar. But this number of applications is not fixed, but we can add the ones we need.

Free account and paid account

In the event that you are thinking of trying Shift, tell you that it has a free mode that offers the possibility of logging in with two accounts at the same time . For the rest, we can enjoy the basic options such as receiving notifications or access to all the applications that we need.

In the case of needing to start with more users, we should contract a subscription, which also offers new features such as the possibility of silencing notifications, adding Google Services or the possibility of adding Chrome extensions.

There is also an option for work teams that has a desktop for managing the team. In this case, a license would be paid for each user of the computer.

So now you know, if you are tired of not being able to easily manage all those applications, accounts or tools that you use regularly, Shift may be the solution that will remedy these problems. In addition, thanks to its free account you will be able to test it and see if it really is what you are looking for. Do not hesitate and try it, surely you will not regret it.

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