Muhammad Saad Iqbal – Building Employee Engagement at ABTACH Ltd by Thoughtful Planning

A good healthy workplace helps in increasing employees’ morale and inclined them towards working. Some factors are involved in creating a healthy work environment including maintaining the culture, employee’s mental wellbeing, and physical environment. Studies show that many employees complain about toxic workplaces and the environment, 70% of the employees worked in an unhealthy workplace.

Most of the employees prefer to quit their jobs. They prefer to move to work in a healthy and productive work environment.  The toxic work environment concerns several reasons such as poor communication, bullying, favoritism, and aggressive attitude of the superiors. The studies show that companies need to improve and work on building a healthy work environment. A healthy workplace will encourage the employees to be more vigilant and honest to their job.

Realizing these factors ABTACH Ltd, a famous IT company, has taken the responsibility to make a difference in making a healthy workplace and building strategies. ABTACH has been acclaimed for its highly professional and positive environment. The power behind this is their President Executive Management, Saad Iqbal.

An Overlook of ABTACH

ABTACH is an IT company that was established in 2015 to serve in IT and digital marketing. ABTACH is a phenomenal firm that has been serving their clients for around seven years. They have made an impeccable performance in providing impressive services to businesses all over the world.

ABTACH is a global IT company that has made its presence in different parts of the world. They have opened their gates of services in the USA, UK, UAE, China, and Turkey. It is due to their efforts and passion, they stood up as a top IT company in the world.

The Building Blocks Of ABTACH

A firm needs to build a positive reputation in the market by working towards organizational planning and development. ABTACH LTD has been working and improving by motivating, hiring, and picking up the best talent to work in their firm.

Saad Iqbal with his over a decade of experience strengthened the rules to work in a high-paced atmosphere. He is tailoring the organizational policies by emphasizing the well-being of their employees. ABTACH builds their employee stature by,

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is one of the crucial steps, it is the step where an employee is motivated to work. They appreciated their physical and time investment. Majorly employee engagement depends on the culture and location of the workplace. To build a staggering environment a firm needs to have its core values.  The designed values help the employees to understand the goals of the firm and it has a positive effect on the employees and it is better for them to adjust with the firm.

Excellent Communication

Communication is the key to keeping everything running at a smooth velocity. It is necessary to have smooth and clear communication between the employee and the employer. Communication breaks the shell between and helps in making a healthy conversation. Having conversation leads to great ideas and innovative strategies. When the teams are well in communicating it becomes easier to resolve crises and conflicts.

Team Building and Trust Exercise

The more the employees trust each other the stronger the team becomes. Trust building helps in building confidence between the employees and a good level of trust. The employees need to build a positive and a friendly relation with each other to soften personal relationships. So, there comes the trust building activities to the rescue.

Supports Mental and Physical Wellbeing

An employee can work freely and easily if they are allowed to express themselves. Mental and physical health are important for an employee or a team to work and function properly. The workplace needs to conduct wellness programs to help in educating the employees about their mental health. 70% of the workers want to participate if they were provided with wellness programs. Therefore, it is important to shed light on taking small breaks for their well-being.

Appreciating Employees on Their Performance 

Employees tend to work more efficiently if they are appreciated for their work. Recognition and appreciation boost their confidence in them and power them to work energetically. Employees wish to receive recognition for their work and publicly so that they can learn from each other.  Appreciation plays a two-way round role. As it boosts the chances of the firm to grow too. Thus, employee appreciation is positive for both the firm and employee.

In The End 

Muhammad Saad Iqbal has been appreciated in running organizational functions and looking after HR. He has shed light on employee engagement and working in a multi-functional environment. ABTACH has been putting its efforts into creating a healthy and positive work environment. He and his team are working towards the progression of the IT industry by prioritizing the office environment.

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