It’s Time for Saad Al-Rifai to Shine: The Maestro In The Making

Psychotherapist and author Saad Al- Rifai has published many books. He is from Kuwait, a country that owns 8 percent of the world’s oil. Moreover, he is one of the most prominent online personalities. He has 243K followers on Instagram which tells the brilliance and influence of this great man. Besides Twitter, you can also find him on Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter. He has also a YouTube channel containing some brilliant content.

He is an author of six books which include:

  • Until the beginning of Qajar
  • A word of love alone
  • Love and what it contains
  • Your pain
  • Takotsebo
  • Take my hand

We cannot discuss all the novels I will give a brief introduction of a few that will give your insight into the brilliant mind and writing of Saad Al Rifai.

Love and what it contains is one of the famous works of art of Saad Al Rifai. The book was published in 2016 and is available in various book stores. Because the novel is more realistic than other genres of literature, it differs from other literary forms. Poetry is an integral part of the narrative. By turning blood into ink in literature, Saad Al Rifai perfectly portrayed the many complex relationships between people. The writings of this prolific writer also contain a sense of the divine and spiritual, as he emerged as a writer very quickly.

This book consists of a collection of short thoughts about love and relationships, talking about almost all kinds of relationships, such as family relationships between husband and wife, parents and their children, and between brothers and sisters, as well as professional, social, and emotional relationships in general.

In the social media world, we can communicate with anyone in the world. We connect to people far from us but are away from the people who are very close to us. Despite living in a materialistic world where money is god, Saad Al Rifai aimed to stress the importance of human relationships. Priority should be given to the family, then the friends, and finally the rest of your professional and social life.

Another important aspect of Saad Al Rifai’s writing is that it captivates the reader. His writing gives aesthetic pleasure to its reader. In his novels, Saad Al Rifai discusses the complex problems in the modern world. He also writes in a way that you can relate your personality and relationships in his writings. His characters also provide resolutions to relationships.

Your pain and Takotsebo are novels based on true stories.

Through a 30 year story of Kuwaiti life, Takotsebo captures the emotional and human side of Kuwaiti life. During 1989, Father Ayoub was forced to marry his Iraqi lover to his Kuwaiti wife. The husband of Farah left Kuwait without leaving her a marriage certificate after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. As a result of the disappearance of her husband in captivity, Farah gives birth to her daughter without her husband to deal with the disappearance of her husband and to make sure her credit is restored. In this novel, he also showed the consequences invasion can have on anybody’s life.

A full chapter of Take my hand contains real questions from people going through problems in their relationships and answers to those questions, along with texts and thoughts that simulate many problems in human relations and provide solutions.

Saad Al-Rifai is a prolific writer whose works will captivate any reader with emotions and sentiments, and you will never regret reading his work.



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