How to transfer balance in NTC and how to get code in NTC?

how to transfer balance in ntc

Nepal Telecom has consistently attempted to put its efforts in giving its customers the service since its beginning. To accomplish its broadly conceived objectives, those technologies have been selected which best meet the interests and needs of customers. NTC has a widespread reach from cosmopolitan areas to the economically unfeasible rural areas. Nepal Telecom has been providing a balance transfer service to all of its GSM prepaid customers. In order to get balance transferred in NTC, following steps should be considered.

What’s the procedure to transfer balance in NTC through USSD?

In order to transfer balance in NTC from any other NTC number (GSM prepaid) using USSD code, following steps are required to be followed:

How to get the e security code in NTC? 

Problem in balance transfer:

Transfer of balance with the help of Nepal Telecom app:

If anyone finds the above mentioned process of balance transfer difficult then he can use their mobile app. Following steps are required to be followed:

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