Google announces the opening of Sleep API: Track user sleep in a more power-efficient way

In a blog post updated on the Android blog, Google announced that it will open the Sleep API to third-party application developers. Google said that Sleep API designed a more power-efficient way to monitor sleep, which should interest third-party developers.



In addition, Google also announced a collaboration with Urbandroid (the developer of the well-known sleep app Sleep As Android) to take the lead in bringing an optimized sleep tracking experience. The Urbandroid team commented on the availability of Sleep API: “Sleep as Android is a Swiss army knife for better sleep. It can track sleep time, regularity, phases, snoring, etc. Sleep duration is the best way to ensure a good sleep. One of the important parameters. The new Sleep API provides us with a wonderful opportunity to automatically track it in the most battery-efficient way imaginable.”


Once the Sleep API is allowed to be used by the user, you can use the light and motion sensors on the device for AI learning. Applications using this API will be able to use information such as device movement and ambient light levels to determine whether the user has entered a sleep state. The API also uses daily sleep fragments and reports whenever wakeup is detected.

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