Funtouch OS 12, the new vivo update that has new experiences

Funtouch 12 OS is the new update to vivo’s operating system based on Android 12. This update offers users a very elegant interface, as well as useful and fun features that are designed to improve the usability of the device.

In addition to the above, this update increases performance, adding stronger features for privacy and security. A new design that speeds up the multitasking experience while also supporting the Extended RAM 2.0 feature, ensuring a smooth user experience. In addition, the new nano-player is compatible with popular third-party music apps in Europe to provide a more elegant and hassle-free music player. 

Personalize your home screen with widgets , stickers and album highlights

One of the highlights of Funtouch OS 12 is the increased customization and new features designed to simplify daily life. In particular, powerful new widgets that simplify home screen organization for easy access to key features and help users stay up-to-date. These include the ability to further personalize your home screen with unique slideshows created from favorite memories. You can also set reminders, track habits, or quickly jot down ideas with stickers on a custom colored background.

Control privacy settings

Funtouch OS 12 is based on the newly released Android 12 which offers a familiar experience close to the standard Android experience, so appreciated by users, while offering the latest features including improved system security. Thanks to the useful and intuitive security and privacy features of Funtouch OS 12, users gain greater control over their data. For example, you can enjoy a new privacy feature that lets users decide which apps can access the phone’s camera or microphone by displaying a camera or microphone icon each time it’s used. Advanced controls over location data allow users to choose to give apps an approximate location instead of giving the exact location. What’s more,

Leading the way with Android 12

vivo has confirmed that the entire line of products sold in Europe will receive the Android 12 update, from which Funtouch OS 12 is born, being one of the first smartphone manufacturers to introduce the benefits of the latest version of Google’s operating system in Europe . The deployment began in late January and will continue through April.

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