Fragments of the Past: Post-Traumatic Poetry by Samantha Tamburello

Fragments of the Past: Post-Traumatic Poetry was recently released on Amazon and is soon to hit bookstores. Here is what you need to know about the new book and its author:

Samantha Tamburello, born 1996 in New York, graduated from Purchase College, State University of New York with a degree in theatre and another in playwriting and screenwriting. During that time, she released her first collection of poetry entitled “Polarwords”. Shortly thereafter a second collection of poems was born, entitled “Limitless” in 2017. Then in 2018 she released “Sweet Familiarity”, the most successful of the 3 poetry books. Following those books she was busy writing and releasing children’s books while simultaneously teaching; a grand total of 4 children’s books in 1 year! Now in the year 2021, she has returned to poetry with the release of “Fragments of the Past.”

Self-described as “an exploration of the human psyche following trauma”, the book was written during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, while Tamburello’s “emotional state was fragile” she writes. She began to process her life and mental health journey and turned it into poetry. Since the book’s release on November 5th of this year, Tamburello has already shared to social media the outpouring of love and support from readers. “Not for the faint of heart” writes one reader, another reviews the book on Amazon, “Great read for anyone looking to get in touch with untapped emotion”.

The poems chronicle a journey of loss, abuse, anxiety and depression as well as the struggles and experiences of an LGBTQ woman who has learned to accept herself.

In an interview about the release of the book, she admits “my previously published poetry books are still me, just a different stage of me. A me who refused to accept the extent of my trauma.” Perhaps this book marks a new era for Tamburello and many others looking to reconcile with the past and move forward.

You can purchase Fragments of the Past: Post-Traumatic Poetry on Amazon.

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