Fashion Trends: Trendy shoes to wear in the spring-summer season

In addition to new clothes, be sure to choose a pair or even two of fashionable women’s shoes. In the new spring-summer season, stylish shoes can become the focus of a fashionable look.

There are many interesting and original styles of shoes in trend. Some fashionable models of the last year have smoothly transitioned into the new season, others have acquired a more modern look, but not without bright new products.

The hit of the warm season were women’s shoes with a clasp around the ankle. Classic shoes, elegant sandals, comfortable heeled sandals and pointy ballet flats are complemented by a similar detail that looks very appropriate and stylish. It can be a strap, a ring, ties and even a chain.

1. Square cape

Mega stylish shoes with a square toe enjoy even greater popularity. In the spring-summer season, these are short ankle boots, shoes, minimalist sandals and even mules. The design of such a pair of shoes can include a trendy print, an original heel, bindings and straps.

2. Retro

An outstanding spring-summer shoe trend were retro-style models. From dainty Mary Janes to iconic slingbacks with open heels. Retro style is harmoniously combined with modern trends, such shoes look not only elegant, but also incredibly stylish.

3. Net

The most fashionable pair of spring-summer shoes can be safely called models with mesh. Despite the very unusual design, these shoes look very elegant. The actual colors for such shoes this season are still black and beige.

4. Print

As a rule, the spring-summer season has always been characterized by a variety of color schemes, both in clothing design and in women’s shoes. Animal prints, floristics, checks and polka dots, which are in trend today, have seamlessly transitioned into the decoration of fashionable spring and summer shoes.

5. Leather embossing

Trendy spring-summer shoes with embossing under the skin look very cool and expressive on women’s legs. A stylish textured pattern that can be combined with a print (for example, with a print and embossing under the skin of a python) perfectly decorates both fashionable shoes and open sandals.

6. Stones and pearls

Trendy spring-summer shoes can replace and even outshine expensive jewelry in one image. Decorated with crystals, pearls, beautiful brooches, sophisticated models of shoes with rhinestones and colored stones, they perfectly complete the evening look and will help to fashionably decorate your everyday outing.

7. Chain

The most desirable pair of spring-summer shoes for modern fashionistas are models with chains. By the way, large chains are among the trendiest jewelry, so they have become a trendy décor for women’s shoes. The chain can look like an anklet instead of a strap, or decorate ties and ties with a thin chain.

8. Satin fabric

Chic satin models of spring-summer shoes are relevant in different styles and colors. You will find the brightest and most saturated pairs of satin. Graceful mules and iconic pumps look stunning in satin finishes even without additional design.

9. Designer heel

Fashionable pairs of spring-summer shoes continue to amaze with an unusual design of heels. Curved, spherical, embellished heels with irregular shapes can significantly change the style and appearance of shoes.

10. Long strings

Thin ribbons and laces, creating all kinds of weaves and tying the ankle several times, have become one of the main spring-summer shoe trends. By the way, it is fashionable to wear such shoes with pants, over which ties are appropriate.

11. Quilted

Quilted shoe models with a square toe and mules with an open toe have become a real “peep” of fashion among women’s shoes for spring-summer. This season, similar shoes received more color options. In addition to black and white, shades of blue, brown and blue appeared.

12. Sheets

Along with amazing sparkling insoles, beautiful bows have become a fashionable decor for women’s shoes in spring and summer. Neat strict bows or lush large bows can decorate the toe, heel or be on the strap. These shoes and sandals are perhaps the most beautiful and charming pair of shoes in the spring-summer season.

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