Cloud Security Tips

This time we present some cloud security tips that will allow you to strengthen cybersecurity in your business. There are various platforms that allow us this type of storage and it is convenient to protect our data.

Currently there are multiple benefits offered by cloud storage. But cybercriminals seem determined to find alternatives to undermine computer security.

Here are some tips so you can host your corporate content much more securely in the cloud.

Choose strong passwords

It is important that you select a really complex password, it is a security measure that can limit cybercriminals.

Keep in mind that a strong password is one made up of a series of letters, numbers, symbols and a combination of lower and upper case. This is one of the most practical cloud security tips you can do.

Turn on two-step authentication

Two-step authentication is a security system that imposes two steps on us to access our content in the cloud. Mainly, it asks us to enter our password.

Later, you can ask us to enter a code sent to the email or to the mobile device through text messaging. In this way it is possible to enhance computer security , limiting the risk of income from third parties.

Encrypt the files you have in the cloud

In cloud hosting you can have a large amount of confidential content. For example, records of your clients, analysis of important data and much more.

It is precisely this type of content that captures the attention of cybercriminals. To avoid threats of this type, it is important to encrypt data . It is a process that you can coordinate quickly if you use specialized software.

Please note that you can encrypt data from any device. So it is a process that you could carry out without major setbacks.

Taking these types of precautions can help you avoid important data leaks or the hijacking of vital information.

How to upload data to the cloud?

Although at the company level there are various platforms that allow us to upload data to the cloud at the user level, the most recognized are Google Drive and One Drive . For your own company, we do not especially recommend this type of tool since they are usually very general and both the technical service and the number of cybercriminals pending vulnerabilities are many, they are the most accessible in the first instance if you want to start entering this world. That is why we will show you how to upload data from both types of tools.

  • Google Drive: go to the official page In the upper left corner you will find a section called “New”, press and then select “Upload file”. Finally, choose the content you want to upload and that’s it.
  • One Drive: the first step is to open your account on this platform. Then, you must press “New” and the file explorer of your computer will open. Select the content(s) you want to upload to the cloud and then press “OK”.

As you can see, uploading data to the cloud is not really complicated. But it is important to implement cloud security tips to prevent cyber attacks.

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