Best Video Editing Apps

Want to be a content creator? Here are your top video editing software choices to make your videos stand out. Hand-Picked by experts.

Video is everywhere. From Instagram to Snapchat to YouTube to TikTok, all the greatest stuff coming out is digital video. If you’re reading this, it’s because you don’t simply want to sit and watch anymore.

You wish to create.

All those platforms offer basic tools, but you need features to gain the advantage in creating great video content. You don’t have a large studio budget, but that doesn’t matter anymore.

Read on to discover about the top video editing tools for aspiring content producers.

Adobe Premiere 

Adobe Rush is a fresh new video editing software launched by Adobe in November 2018.

Compared to AdobePremiere Pro, Premiere Rush is a lightweight version video editing software which may be utilised on mobile devices.

It’s accessible on iOS, Mac OS, Windows, and Android. Premiere Rush is extremely approachable for those who just began with video editing.

But this doesn’t imply that it’s unsuitable for sophisticated or professional users since it’s really a highly strong software. Although a little restricted compared to Premiere Pro, you can still create great videos with this software.


  • Supports many tracks of video and audio layers
  • Huge variety of supported file formats and files from a wide range of cameras
  • Slow motion edits
  • Filters and presets
  • Animated titles
  • Cross platform compatibility (the software will immediately transfer your previous changes to your other devices so you may start your edits in one device and finish the editing process on your other devices) (the app will automatically transfer your last edits to your other devices so you can start your edits in one device and continue the editing process on your other devices)
  • Support for editing various video formats.
  • You may also switch between various format files. Once you’ve begun designing and have chosen your size, you may reuse it for various social networks.
  • Presets to export your work directly to your social sites like as Facebook, Instagram, and Behance
  • Super quick exporting speed even if you use a phone.


  • You can’t copy and paste your effects or apply a colour grade across numerous clips.
  • You have to pick the clip, apply the effect or the grade that you want and you have to do the same thing for all the subsequent clips.


KineMaster is one of the finest video editing applications for Android, iPhone and iPad right now.

It’s a fantastic choice for beginners or intermediate creators who want more sophisticated editing tools and greater control over their creations.


  • Easy to use, straightforward interface
  • Features for establishing sophisticated audio settings and advanced effects
  • Support for numerous video and audio layers
  • Cutting and trimming tools
  • Built-in animated titles that look extremely professional
  • Support for editing various formats and sizes as well as editing and exporting 4K videos
  • Works great both with lengthy and short format videos.


  • Uses watermarks and advertising on free version.
  • Basic colour correcting tools.
  • You can’t switch between various format files after you’ve begun generating and chosen your size.


Easy to use intuitive video editing software with all the sophisticated capabilities.

An other noteworthy feature of PowerDirector is the amount of control you have over the colour correction that is applied to your video footage.

Being able to dial in and really get your colours looking the way that you want them for professional-looking footage is a huge advantage in more sophisticated video editing.

PowerDirector is a video editing application that is available for Android (Editor’s Choice) and Windows.

Video editing with several tracks

  • Audio control with advanced features
  • Color correction using advanced technology

Capability of picking up and moving your video around, trimming them down, and including music with relative ease

  • It is capable of supporting 4K video.
  • 360-degree video editor
  • The ability to customise all of your volume levels
  • The ability to upload movies in both landscape and portrait mode.
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