Best guide to delete Instagram Account

delete Instagram account

Deleting an Instagram account may seem complicated at first, as “Deleting Instagram account” does not appear in the account.

When we upload an Instagram post, we’d like to see what comments they made about the last post or how they reacted to that photo with a colleague you uploaded to your profile.

But you may also want to delete Instagram account, for some reason

It’s very simple, you will need to follow the steps shown below in this article and you will see how to delete Instagram account.

You will not need to spend any more time on online courses or ask your neighbor’s son how to remove them from the Instagram list.

If you are one of those who could not delete Instagram account due to a lack of information, let me tell you you are in the right place.

By reading this post, you will be able to delete Instagram account, so you can erase it from the internal map of this social network and thus be able to move on with your life as if nothing had happened.


Delete instagram account

How to temporarily delete Instagram account

If you do not want to delete Instagram account, don’t worry! I know that almost all of us like to spend hours in this digital arena, where having fun and connecting with third parties is a piece of cake.

When we were able to relieve the stress of everyday life, we received the latest news from abroad.

More than anything because Instagram transcends social media to upload photos to a colleague or that summer trip.

It is a great way of communicating that allows us to reach any country by clicking, providing opportunities for success as a digital entrepreneur or simply connecting with other people to build potential relationships.

So it is a good way to connect with others.

If you just want to know how to temporarily delete Instagram account, you need to do the following:

How to temporarily close an Instagram account

1-Login to Instagram and go to the top right icon showing your profile photo to click there.

Once you arrive, you will be shown a drop-down screen with many options for customizing your account and you should immediately press the Authentication button.

2-While you are there, you will be able to access the configuration panel SET YOUR PROFILE.

We navigate to the top right corner to find the VISIT MY ACCOUNT TABLE option, where you will need to press the internal link in order to proceed.

3-Soon, you will be redirected to another page that will inform you of the process of closing your Instagram account, as well as ask you a series of questions to find out why you have decided to temporarily disappear from this website.

You will be asked for your access password to confirm this action. In case you do not remember it, you can find it by using the option that displays under the password field (DID YOU FORGET YOUR PASSPORT?)

Once clicked, you will need to follow the system instructions to reset your password and continue this process to close your Instagram account.

4-Complete the process of verifying your password and answering questions about the reasons for closing your Instagram account, you will click on DISABILITY ACCOMMODATION ACCOUNT.

You will find 2 boxes that will allow you to confirm the operation, which will appear in a horizontal format with YES or NO. If you click YES, you will be authorized to close your Instagram account for a specific season. All photos, videos, comments, and interactions will be hidden until you decide to resume this digital space.

How to delete Instagram account

Now, if you want to know how to delete Instagram account because it “interrupts you or you feel like it is stealing your time”, you will need to follow each of the steps mentioned below.

1-Save all your photos and videos:

Since you want to disappear from Instagram, you have to protect all that important content in a safe place. If you do not, you will lose the years of your life that are reflected in the photos, videos, and sharing that you have a happy ending for.

And how can I do it? Well, it’s so easy! Download them to your mobile phone or computer, and store them in a cloud or any other place you think is safe.

The task may require several hours, making it necessary for you to be patient and not forget anything at all.

2-Log into Instagram:

After saving all your digital memories, you will continue to log in to Instagram with your email address or username and password. This way you will be inside your account to make any kind of adjustments.

3-Enter the data indicated by the system:

As you are on this page, you will add all the information requested by the system. No more than 2 questions, when they will ask you what is the reason for deleting your Instagram account and access password.

All this is for the purpose of verifying the identity of the user and ensuring that you are satisfied with the decision he will make in a few minutes.


Once you have answered the questions correctly, click the icon at the bottom left DELETE X USER. This way, you will be finalizing your decision to delete them from Instagram permanently.

5-Confirm the action:

You will now find a box in the upper center with the following question:

“Are you sure you want to delete your account?” There you will see 2 options: ACCEPT AND CANCEL.

In a sense, we click on the blue ACCEPT space, and the main action of how to delete Instagram account is done immediately.

6-READY! You have deleted Instagram account:

So, as you can see, it is easy to delete your Instagram account in a matter of minutes. It was not complicated and it was not a great knowledge of the task, because you had to follow only certain instructions included within this article to the character.

Do you have doubts? Log in before the due date and you will be able to restore your Instagram account.


If you regret deleting your Instagram account, you will have 12-24 hours to undo this action.

And how do I do it? It’s easy! After you have done all this process, you will receive an email in your inbox with a URL that you will access again.

It is also possible to do so by logging into the page with your email, username or phone number, and password.

There is no doubt about how to delete Instagram account.

You no longer have the excuse to say “you’re still there because you can’t get out of the list” because in this content I made sure I made it as easy for you as peeling bananas for easy snacks.

Now it’s up to you to keep complaining because you “don’t know how to do it” or take a step forward to improve your digital skills, exploring something as basic as managing social networks. Remember that no one gains success without previous failures.

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