Beats Fit Pro Review: Forget Studio Buds

The Beats Fit Pro is the latest fully wireless headphone from the Apple subsidiary. Positioned between the Studio Buds and the Powerbeats Pro, the device has the same features as the AirPods Pro, including active noise cancellation, spatial audio, and native integration with Apple products, thanks to the H1 chip. Even offering the main technologies of AirPods, the Fit Pro costs R$ 400 less, but it is still an expensive headset.

With a special design, bringing flexible fasteners and IPX4 certification, the Beats Fit Pro also tries to attract those who practice sports activities frequently. Tecnoblog had the opportunity to test the new Beats phone to tell, in the next few minutes, if it is worth paying the R$ 2,600 that the brand asks for.

Beats Fit Pro video review

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Design, comfort and case

The Beats Fit Pro is almost a reimagining of the Beats Studio Buds, the company’s first in-ear headphones with active noise cancellation. The only difference is in the flexible tip, which serves for the devices to be very firm during physical activities. The strategy also makes me think that the brand is waving at those Powerbeats and Powerbeats Pro users who are considering upgrading from now on.

Even though I exercise with a certain frequency, I’m not the biggest fan of these “fins”. But for the first time, I didn’t find myself complaining all the time in pain after using these Beats. This is a very positive point, because, unlike the Jaybird Vista 2, the Fit Pro’s straps are fixed and you can only remove the rubbers that go in the ear canal. Speaking of which, they ship three pairs, but the pre-installed ones were already very comfortable, in my case.

These are great headphones for those of you who do walking, running, cycling and other more intense activities. My experience, with a morning walk in the open air and also in the gym, was very positive. The feeling of security, thanks to the fins, the absence of pressure and comfort during training are the product’s strengths. It still has IPX4 certification, so a light rain and a little sweat shouldn’t damage the product.

As you can see in the images, the case is quite bulky compared to the Air Pods Pro and Studio Buds. It also goes along with the excellent workmanship of the headphones and Beats created a whole color palette to match the products. Technology received the version called “graphite and mint”, which I found very beautiful and sophisticated. Other options available in Brazil are black, white and pastel purple. The user just needs to be careful during handling, as the accessory cover appears to be fragile.

Features and connectivity

As soon as you open the case for the first time near an iPhone, a balloon appears suggesting pairing. And as the connection information is stored on your cloud, it is possible to “transit” with Beats Fit Pro between your Apple devices; goes for Mac, iPad, Apple Watch. I was able to switch the connection between iPhone and MacBook Pro to listen to audio or watch video without having to reconnect all the time.

This is possible thanks to the H1, name of Apple’s own chip and which is also in the AirPods Pro. This integration makes your iPhone have native features for the Beats headset. I can use the control center to turn noise canceling on and off, or turn on spatial audio. In the cell phone settings, in Bluetooth, you can change the commands of the physical buttons on the phone and check if the fit is correct in the ear.

Other available actions are activating Siri by voice command, reading notifications that arrive on the cell phone and locating the headphones through the iPhone’s Buscar (Find My) network.

For those who use Android, just install the official Beats app to have some of these functions. Connected to a Redmi Note 11, I was able to perform basic actions, such as switching between noise canceling and ambient mode, setting up automatic usage detection, touch actions, and checking that both are well fitted in the ears. Other advanced features were restricted to the iOS system, at least the Android app works without problems.

Google’s Fast Pair technology, which makes pairing faster on Android, is found on the Beats Studio Buds and not the Fit Pro. This, in a way, even makes sense, as the second phone has the latest and greatest exclusive processor. from Apple currently, and the first one doesn’t. So you’ll have to press the little button on the case to pair, but this process is very quick.

sound quality

With Beats Fit Pro, Beats goes back to its origins, but with a certain balance. I will always defend that this new headset is the AirPods Pro, but with more bass. Even though it’s a product with a good ANC and great features, Apple devices are too neutral for my ears and sometimes they sound bland. When I turned on the Fit Pro for the first time, I had the feeling that I was using the AirPods Pro, but with another subscription.

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